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Agreement to Establish Joint Anti-Money Laundering Body (April 04, 2014) by Gustavo Guerra

In March 2014, attorney generals from California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and New Mexico signed a letter ...

Topic:  Money laundering
Jurisdiction: Mexico; United States

President Promulgates Electoral Political Reform (March 31, 2014) by Norma Gutierrez

On February 10, 2014, a decree published in Mexico's federal gazette amended, added, and repealed many ...

Topic: Constitution; Elections and politics
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Draft Legislation on Economic Competition Law (February 26, 2014) by Norma Gutierrez

The House of Representatives of Mexico recently received from the Federal Executive Branch draft legislation (iniciativa) ...

Topic: Competition and antitrust; Crime and law enforcement
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Federal Senate Approves of Law Against Human Trafficking (February 24, 2014) by Norma Gutierrez

The Mexican Senate recently approved a comprehensive reform of the law against human trafficking. The reform ...

Topic: Crime and law enforcement; Human trafficking
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Federal Senators Seek Transparency of Allocated Financial Resources (February 18, 2014) by Norma Gutierrez

Senators of Mexico's Institutional Revolutionary Party (Partido Revolucionario Institucional, PRI), National Action Party (Partido Acción Nacional, ...

Topic: Campaign finance; Legislative elections; Political parties and affiliations
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Senate Approves Penalty of Up to 60 Years of Imprisonment for Terrorists (February 18, 2014) by Norma Gutierrez

The full Federal Senate of Mexico overwhelmingly approved draft legislation submitted by President Enrique Peña Nieto ...

Topic: Crime and law enforcement; Terrorism
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Federal Congress Initiates Current Session with a Heavy Legislative Agenda (February 14, 2014) by Norma Gutierrez

The two Houses of Mexico's Congress have started their new period of regular sessions with a ...

Topic: Bills and resolutions; Legislative bodies
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Constitutional Amendment on Energy (February 12, 2014) by Gustavo Guerra

In December 2013, the Mexican government approved an amendment to a number of provisions on energy ...

Topic: Constitution; Energy; Oil and gas; Power generation and transmission
Jurisdiction: Mexico

National Code of Penal Procedure Approved (February 11, 2014) by Norma Gutierrez

The Chamber of Deputies of the Federal Congress of Mexico approved a new National Code of ...

Topic: Criminal procedure
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Government Promulgates Federal Penal Reform on Pardons (November 08, 2013) by Norma Gutierrez

The Mexican government recently promulgated a decree adding a new article to the Federal Penal Code. ...

Topic: Criminal procedure; Executive powers
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Agreement on Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing (November 08, 2013) by Norma Gutierrez

The Mexican National Banking and Security Commission (CNBV) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the U.S. ...

Topic: Organized crime
Jurisdiction: Mexico; United States

70% of Debt Forgiven (November 08, 2013) by Norma Gutierrez

The Mexican Sectary of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP), Luís Videgaray, reported that the Mexican Government ...

Topic: Government lending and loan guarantees; International Affairs
Jurisdiction: Cuba; Mexico

Relationship Re-Launched, Agreements Signed (November 08, 2013) by Norma Gutierrez

The foreign secretaries of Mexico and Cuba announced the re-launch of relations between the two countries ...

Topic: Foreign Trade and International Finance; Foreign exchange; Foreign investments; International Affairs
Jurisdiction: Cuba; Mexico

Secretary of the Economy Calls for Second Phase of Integration of NAFTA (October 31, 2013) by Norma Gutierrez

According to the news agency Notimex, the Mexican Secretary of the Economy, Ildefonso Guajardo, stressed the ...

Topic: Foreign trade and international finance
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Chamber of Deputies Approves Financial Reform (September 30, 2013) by Norma Gutierrez

On September 7, 2013, the Chamber of Deputies, one of the houses of Mexico's Federal Congress, ...

Topic: Banks and financial institutions
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Educational Reform (September 30, 2013) by Norma Gutierrez

President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico promulgated a decree on September 11, 2013, that extensively amends ...

Topic: Education
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Agreements Reached at Bi-National Commission Meeting (September 27, 2013) by Gustavo Guerra

The Mexico-Guatemala Bi-National Commission met in late August 2013 in Mexico City to ...

Topic: International affairs
Jurisdiction: Guatemala; Mexico

Admission to Australia Group (September 26, 2013) by Gustavo Guerra

The Mexican government recently announced that it has been formally admitted as a member of the ...

Topic: Arms control and nonproliferation; International affairs; Weapons development
Jurisdiction: Mexico

Agreement to Skip Visas (May 03, 2013) by Eduardo Soares

Brazil and Mexico recently signed a new agreement to mutually end the use of visas. The ...

Topic: Visas and passports
Jurisdiction: Brazil; Mexico

New Gendarmerie to Begin in Late 2013 (April 30, 2013) by Norma Gutierrez

Members of the armed forces have begun the selection and training of officers for a new ...

Topic: Police power
Jurisdiction: Mexico

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