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Sudan’s Counter Terrorism Act of 2001 allows the government to prosecute foreign nationals living abroad.  The Act does not exempt from prosecution foreign public officials who speak out against the current regime and its practices.  Article 3(a) of the Act grants the Sudanese government the right to legally prosecute any individuals, including foreigners residing outside Sudan, for promoting what the law describes as “offenses against the interest of the country.”  Article 3(a) does not define this phrase.  The article may also apply to foreign officials who are deemed by the government of Sudan to have damaged the interests of the country abroad.  It states that “the present law shall apply to every individual accused of carrying out a terrorist act or attempting to commit one, or promoting domestically or abroad any offense against the interest of Sudan, its economy, and social and national security.”[1]

Prepared by George Sadek
Senior Legal Analyst
June 2016

[1] Counterterrorism Act of 2001, (in Arabic; translation by author), archived at

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Last Updated: 09/21/2016