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The Nigerian Supreme Court is the highest court in the country.  Its jurisdiction includes hearing appeals from decisions of the Court of Appeal, the second highest court, regarding “any civil or criminal proceedings on questions as to the interpretation or an application of . . . [the] constitution.”  (Constitution of Nigeria (1999), § 233, available on the International Centre for Nigerian Law (ICFNL) website, at RepublicOfNigeria.htm; Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Second Alteration Act, 2010, § 6, available on the Policy and Legal Advocacy Centre (PLAC) website, at,%202010.pdf.)   

Limited numbers of Supreme Court judgments are available online.  The Nigerian Supreme Court makes available PDF copies of its decisions from 1961 through 2012 (with some gaps).  (Court Judgments, Supreme Court of Nigeria, http://judgment.supremecourt. (last visited, Dec. 4, 2014).)  The ICFNL also makes available a limited number of the Court’s decisions, including decisions issued from 2000 to 2005 (Judgments of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, ICFNL,, 2006 (id.,, 2007 (id.,, 2008 (id., htm), and 2011 (id., (all last visited Dec. 9, 2014).  None of these sources include a feature for identifying frequently cited cases. 

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Last Updated: 06/09/2015