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Israel’s highest court opinions are routinely published in Hebrew on the State of Israel Judicial Authority website (SIJA) at  English translations of selected decisions are available on the SIJA English website at englishverdictssearch.aspx.  Decisions listed under the heading “Fighting Terrorism Within the Law” are also available at this address.

A search of the SIJA website conducted on December 8, 2014, identified only 285 translated decisions.  Translated decisions published on the SIJA website usually include an “editor’s synopsis” or a short summary.

A list of the most cited or influential court decisions rendered in Israel was published in a newspaper article, Ben-Aroya et al., Most Read Decisions of the Supreme Court, Marker (Oct. 11, 2009), (in Hebrew).  Among the nine decisions listed in the article that were rendered after 2000, only the following three were found to have been translated and published on the SIJA English website:


A search of translated Supreme Court decisions rendered after October 11, 2009, the publication date of the above-cited newspaper article, that are available on the SIJA English website has retrieved twenty-five decisions (see SIJA English website at verdictssearch/englishverdictssearch.aspx).

While it is not clear that these decisions are the most read, cited, or influential, the fact that they were selected among the numerous decisions rendered by the Supreme Court to be translated and posted on the website reflects that they were perceived important by the Court and by the State of Israel Judicial Authority.

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Last Updated: 06/09/2015