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Economic Community of West African States; Nigeria; United Nations: Partnership to Fight Spread of Weapons

(Mar. 31, 2014) Nigeria has partnered with two international organizations, the United Nations and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), in developing a weapons collection program for the unstable northern portion of the country. The purpose is to limit the spread of small arms and light weapons (SALW), considered key to the civil […]

Denmark: Anti-Gang Measures Proposed

(Oct. 30, 2013) On October 29, 2013, Denmark’s Justice Minister, Morten Bødskov, announced a plan to respond to the problem of gang-related crime in the country. There were 49 gang-related shootings in Denmark in the first six months of 2013, and 421 firearms were confiscated. Of those weapons, 89 were definitely tied to gang members. […]

Mexico: Admission to Australia Group

(Sept. 26, 2013) The Mexican government recently announced that it has been formally admitted as a member of the 42-member Australia Group (AG). (Press Release, Mexican Department of Foreign Affairs, México Ingresa Formalmente al Grupo Australia (Aug. 12, 2013).) The AG countries, on a voluntary and cooperative basis, work to prevent the dissemination of technologies, […]

Namibia: Police Chief Calls for Gun Law Reform

(May 23, 2013) It was reported on May 20, 2013, that Sebastian Ndeitunga, Namibia’s Police Inspector General, said that the country is “too armed”; that the process for obtaining arms is too lax; and that the country should quickly move to tighten the governing law, the Arms and Ammunition Act of 1996. (Shinovene Immanuel, Top […]

South Africa: Parliament Considering Measure to Outlaw Possession of Weapons in Public Gatherings

(Feb. 19, 2013) <?South Africa's government recently submitted the Dangerous Weapons Bill, 2012, aimed at banning possession of "dangerous weapons" at public gatherings, to the country's Parliament for consideration. (Dangerous Weapons Bill Before Parliament, NEWS 24 (Feb. 12, 2013).) This measure comes on the heels of the Marikana massacre, in which a few thousand mining […]

China: 2012 National Campaign to Fight Firearms-Control Offenses

(Feb. 13, 2013) In a campaign to fight firearms control offenses launched by China’s Ministry of Public Security (MPS, the police) in 2012, 160,000 guns and 2,780 tons of explosives nationwide were seized, according to the official figures released by the MPS on January 15, 2013. (China Uncovers 670 Gun-Related Crime Dens, XINHUANET (Jan. 16, […]

Australia: Provision on Life Sentence for Trafficking in Firearms Passed by House of Representatives

(Feb. 11, 2013) On February 5, 2013, the lower chamber of the Australian federal parliament voted to pass legislation that will introduce a new aggravated offense of trafficking in firearms. The offense will be subject to a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. (Press Release, Hon. Jason Clare MP, Life Sentences for Trafficking Firearms Passes the […]

Brazil: President Vetoes Amendment to Disarmament Statute

(Jan. 11, 2013) On January 10, 2013, Brazilian President Dilma Roussef vetoed a bill (Mensagem de Veto No. 002, de 9 de Janeiro de 2013, PLANALTO.GOV.BR) that amended the Disarmament Statute (Lei No. 10.826 of 22 de Dezembro de, 2003, PLANALTO.GOV.BR). The Disarmament Statute regulates the registration, possession, carrying, and sale of firearms and ammunition. […]

Norway: New Restrictions on Weapons Exports

(Dec. 7, 2012) Norway has recently adopted rules placing additional restrictions on exports of weapons produced in the country. The move comes after a report that more than 200 civilians were killed by Norwegian firearms in the Iraq war. The government will now have the ability to stop sales of weapons to authoritarian regimes and […]

Finland: Electronic Firearms Registry Part of Integrated Police Records System

(Sept. 24, 2012) It was reported on September 6, 2012, that <?Finland's police force will have a new, electronic registry of firearms owned by citizens, which will streamline the processing of license applications through the direct entry of information into the data system, reducing paperwork. The registry will be inaugurated in November; the current system […]