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New Zealand: Proposal to Amend Terrorism Suppression Bill

(Dec. 2, 2007) A bill to amend the Terrorism Suppression Amendment Act has been introduced in the New Zealand Parliament. The Terrorism Suppression Amendment Bill 2007 will ensure compliance with international obligations and improve workability. The bill provides for: ensuring New Zealand's compliance with United Nations Resolution 1267 by automatically designating U.N.-nominated entities as terrorist […]

United Kingdom: Court Approves Extradition of Muslim Cleric

(Dec. 2, 2007) Abu Hamza al-Masri is currently serving a seven-year term in the United Kingdom on terror-related charges. Known as a radical Muslim cleric, he was convicted of urging his followers to kill Jews and other non-Muslims. He now faces charges in the United States for attempting to establish terrorist training camps in Oregon, […]

United Kingdom: First Woman Convicted Under Terrorism Act

(Dec. 2, 2007) Samina Malik, a female employee of the bookstore WH Smith at Heathrow Airport, is the first woman to have been convicted in the United Kingdom under the Terrorism Act. She has been found guilty of keeping terrorist manuals, specifically, articles "likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act […]

Yemen: Court Convicts Al-Qaeda Members

(Dec. 2, 2007) A Yemeni court with national security and terrorist jurisdiction convicted 34 suspects of membership in al-Qaeda and of planning to blow up oil installations in the provinces of Mareb and Hadramout during the month of September 2006. It sentenced them to prison terms of up to 15 years. (Yemen: 32 Convicted of […]

Canada: Canadian Government Introduces New Security Certificates Bill

(Nov. 2, 2007) In the case of Charkaoui v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration), the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that aspects of Canada's law allowing for the detention of suspected foreign terrorists under "security certificates" were unconstitutional (2007 S.C.R. 350). However, the Supreme Court gave the government one year from February 2007 to rewrite the […]

Estonia: New Measures to Stop Money Laundering

(Nov. 2, 2007) On October 18, 2007, the Government of Estonia approved a set of measures aimed at preventing the financing of terrorist activities and submitted a legislative proposal on amending existing anti-money laundering legislation. Following the government order, the list of persons subject to financial monitoring was expanded, and it now includes all banks […]

European Union: New Anti-Terrorist Measures

(Nov. 2, 2007) On October 4, 2007, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Franco Frattini, announced that the European Commission intends to unveil a package of measures to combat terrorism and terrorist organizations. A new initiative, modeled after similar U.S. requirements, calls for checking the personal data of air passengers coming from third countries to […]

New Zealand: Environmental Activists Cannot Be Charged Under Anti-Terrorism Laws

(Nov. 2, 2007) In a public statement made on November 8, 2007, New Zealand's solicitor-general Dr. David Collins QC declined to authorize charging recently arrested environmental activists under the Terrorism Suppression Act, on the basis that there was insufficient evidence to meet the high standard required by the legislation that the group was planning on […]

United Kingdom: Highest Court Reviews Terrorism Control Orders

(Nov. 2, 2007) On October 31, 2007, the United Kingdom's highest court, the House of Lords, gave broad support to the controversial government control-order regime for terrorism suspects. At present, there are 14 individuals subject to such orders, but three can no longer be located. The court also created new rights for those accused of […]

Yemen: Al-Qaeda Leader Turns Himself In

(Nov. 2, 2007) On October 16, 2007, Yemeni sources announced that Jamal al-Badawi, an al-Qaeda leader who is the mastermind behind the escape from a Yemen prison in February 2006 of 22 al-Qaeda detainees, had turned himself in to Yemeni authorities. The Yemeni judiciary convicted al-Badawi as one of those involved in the bombing of […]