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United Kingdom: Civil Servants Prohibited from Cooperating with U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Investigation

(Sept. 16, 2010) The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee is conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the release of Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing, in light of information regarding the British petroleum company BP and Libya. As part of their investigation,the Committee requested access to officials involved in negotiations […]

Netherlands: Dismissal of Muslim City Employee Upheld

(Aug. 19, 2010) On August 11, 2010, a court in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, upheld an August 2009 city government decision to fire a Muslim philosopher it had employed as an integration advisor. Tariq Ramadan must pay court costs of €3,638 (about US$4,600); he had been seeking €75,000 (about US$95,600) from Rotterdam for breach of contract […]

Uganda: Parliament Passes Law on Retirement Benefits for Top Government Officials

(Aug. 2, 2010) On June 23, 2010, the Ugandan Parliament approved the Emoluments and Benefits of the President, Vice President and Prime Minister Bill 2009, governing the salaries, allowances, and retirement benefits of those officials as well as entitlements of their surviving family members. (Bills Second Reading: The Emoluments and Benefits of the President, Vice […]

Iran: Council of Ministers Members to Be Fined If Late to Meetings

(June 21, 2010) President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran has issued an order that the members of his Council of Ministers must be fined 1,000 tomans (about US$1) for every minute they are late in attending the meetings of the Council of Ministers. This policy was announced by Hujjatal Islam Seyed Mir Tajoddini, Parliamentary Assistant to […]

Ethiopia: Law to Compensate Laid-Off Civil Servants

(June 3, 2009) It was reported on May 27, 2009, that the Ethiopian House of Representatives passed a bill that will allow for compensating government employees who lose their jobs due to restructuring intended to make government institutions more lean and efficient. A person who loses his or her job as a consequence of such […]

Sri Lanka: Fuel Prices Cut, Other Steps Taken to Aid Budget, Industry

(Jan. 5, 2009) The Government of Sri Lanka has taken steps to cut the cost of living for its citizens and strengthen the economy. They were announced in a special Cabinet meeting called by President Mahinda Rajapaksa on December 30, 2008. The budgets of all state institutions are to be cut by five percent, and […]

Iraq: HNDBC Allows More Former Members of the Baath Party to Rejoin Civil Service

(Sept. 10, 2008) On August 20, 2008, as part of the implementation of the Accountability and Justice Law, originally enacted on February 14, 2008, the Higher National De-Baathification Commission (HNDBC) allowed 1,000 former members of the Baath Party to join the civil service in the province of Najaf in southern Iraq. The newly enacted Law […]

Bangladesh: Ordinance on Marriage with Foreign Nationals

(May 2, 2008) The Bangladesh Council of Advisers approved the Public Servant (Marriage with Foreign Nationals) Amendment of 2008 on May 11, 2008. The new law amends the Public Servant (Marriage with Foreign Nationals) Ordinance of 1976 to allow Bangladesh Foreign Service Officers to marry foreign nationals with the permission of the President of Bangladesh. […]

Brazil: Strike Rights Limited by the Federal Supreme Court

(Dec. 2, 2007) On October 25, 2007, the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF) ruled that public servants have the right to go on strike, but imposed limitations on this right. Although foreseen by the Constitution of 1988, the issue has never been regulated by Congress with appropriate legislation. In its decision, STF declared Congress omissive […]