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Georgia; Russian Federation: Separatist Regions of Georgia Conclude Military Agreements with Russia

(June 10, 2010) On May 5, 2010, the parliament of South Ossetia, a disputed region within Georgia that declared its independence from Georgia in 1990, ratified the Treaty on Military Cooperation with Russia, which was signed in Moscow on April 7, 2010. (Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the Treaty on […]

Philippines: Independent Commission Against Private Armies Works Toward Safe and Credible Elections

(Mar. 30, 2010) The Independent Commission Against Private Armies (ICAPA), created by Administrative Order 275 issued by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, forwarded two resolutions (Resolution No. 001-10 and Resolution No. 002-10) to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) on March 24, 2010. The resolutions direct these organizations to increase […]

Australia: Bill Establishing Independent National Security Legislation Monitor Passed

(Mar. 24, 2010) The Independent National Security Legislation Monitor Bill 2010 was passed by the Australian Parliament on March 18, 2010. The bill establishes a new position of National Security Legislation Monitor, with responsibility for reviewing and reporting on the “operation, effectiveness and implications of Australia's counter-terrorism and national security legislation on an ongoing basis,” […]

Sri Lanka: Emergency Laws Extended

(Mar. 12, 2010) On March 9, 2010, Sri Lanka's Parliament, which had been dissolved, met for a short session to approve a one-month extension for the nation's emergency laws. President Mahinda Rajapaksa had signed a proclamation to that effect on March 1. With three opposition parties voting against the extension, it passed on a 93-24 […]

China: Defense Mobilization Law Approved

(Mar. 10, 2010) China's National People's Congress Standing Committee (NPCSC) approved the National Defense Mobilization Law on February 26, 2010; it was promulgated by President Hu Jintao and will become effective on July 1. (Li Yun & Yang Lei, PRC Defense Mobilization Law Promulgated; Has 14 chapters, 72 Articles, XINHUA, Mar. 3, 2010, World News […]

Guam (USA): Master Plan for Modernization of Commercial Port Approved

(Oct. 7, 2009) On September 11, 2009, an act to conditionally approve the Port of Guam Master Plan was approved by the legislature of Guam and signed into law by the Governor. (An Act to Approve Phase I of the Jose D. Leon Guerrero Commercial Port of Guam Master Plan Update 2007 Report, 30th Guam […]

Israel: Review of Internment of Unlawful Combatant

(Sept. 10, 2009) On August 30, 2009, the Supreme Court of Israel rejected an appeal by a Gaza resident of a decree issued against him for continued detention following the completion of his term of imprisonment for committing the offenses of membership in an unlawful association (the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) and […]

Israel: State Comptroller Report Says U.S. Deprived Convicted Spy of Due Process

(Sept. 3, 2009) On September 2, 2009, a report was issued by Israel's State Comptroller, Micha Lindenstrauss, on the Israeli government's actions to obtain the release of Jonathan Pollard, who has been incarcerated in the United States since 1985 following his conviction for spying for Israel. Pollard, an American citizen, received Israeli citizenship in 1995 […]

Russia: Flags with Depiction of Cross Outlawed

(Aug. 24, 2009) On August 14, 2009, the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation updated the federal list of prohibited extremist materials to include all flags with an image of a cross. Inclusion on the list entails a ban on production, distribution, and storage for the purpose of distribution of the item in question. […]

Bangladesh: Law to Protect Family Members of the Founding Father

(Aug. 19, 2009) On July 27, the Government of Bangladesh approved the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman's Family Members Security Act of 2009. Under this act, immediate family members of the founding father of the country will enjoy state security provided by Special Security Forces and will receive security at their residences. […]