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Italy: Legislation on Road Homicide and Road Injury Adopted

(Apr. 6, 2016) On March 25, 2016, new legislation introducing the crimes of “road homicide” (omicidio stradale) and “road personal injury” (lesioni personali stradali) entered into effect in Italy.  (Law No. 41 of March 23, 2016, Introducing the Crime of Road Homicide and the Crime of Road Personal Injury, and Approving Provisions for the Coordination […]

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal: Motor Vehicles Agreement

(Sept. 21, 2015) Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, and Nepal (BBIN) signed a Motor Vehicles Agreement for the Regulation of Passenger, Personal and Cargo Vehicular Traffic on June 15, 2015 in Thimpu, Bhutan.  Aside from facilitating the cross-border movement of passengers and goods, the agreement is expected to “promote safe, economical [,] efficient and environmentally sound road […]

Thailand: Use of Hand-Held Cell Phones at Red Lights Ruled Illegal

(Aug. 18, 2015) It was reported on August 2, 2015, that the fourth Standing Committee of Thailand’s Council of State has ruled that it is illegal for a driver stopped at a red light to talk on a hand-held mobile phone. (Thailand: Use of Mobile at Red Light Is Illegal, BANGKOK POST ONLINE (Aug. 2, […]

Indonesia: District Adopts Sharia-Based Rules, Bans Unmarried Couples on Motorbikes

(May 5, 2015) According to a May 4, 2015, report, North Aceh, a district in Aceh Province of Indonesia, has adopted a law prohibiting unmarried men and women from riding motorbikes together. Local legislator Fauzan Hamzah said the new ban is part of “efforts to implement sharia [Islamic religious] law fully” and that for an […]

Brazil: Dismantling of Cars Regulated

(May 28, 2014) On May 20, 2104, Brazil promulgated Law No. 12,977, which regulates the dismantling of motor vehicles in the country that are subject to the Brazilian Traffic Code (Lei No. 12.977, de 20 de Maio de 2014, art. 1, PLANALTO; Código de Trânsito Brasileiro (Sept. 23, 1997), PLANALTO). The new law was published […]

Sweden: Charges Brought Under New Provision on Driving While Using Cellphones

(Dec. 13, 2013) On December 1, 2013, an amendment to the Swedish Traffic Regulation entered into force. Under the new provision, a cellphone or other communications device (such as a GPS) may only be used while driving if it does not negatively affect the driver’s ability to drive the vehicle. (4 ch. 10e §SFS 1998:1276 […]

Japan: Severe Punishment for Drivers Who Have Seizures in Certain Traffic Accident Cases

(Dec. 11, 2013) The Diet, Japan’s parliament, adopted a law in November 2013 that imposes stricter penalties on reckless drivers who cause fatal accidents while under the influence of alcohol or are impaired due to a chronic illness. (Act on Punishment of Acts Inflicting Injury or Death on Other(s) by Driving a Vehicle [in Japanese], […]

Russia: New Administrative Rules on Drunk Driving Adopted, Criminal Penalties Contemplated

(Oct. 23, 2013) The Russian State Duma (the lower house of the legislature) recently passed new legislation that will up penalties for driving in a state of intoxication induced by alcohol or drugs. The motivation for the legislative action was the increase in the number of deaths caused by drunk drivers. (Russia’s Duma Passes Tough […]

Finland: Driver’s License Reform

(Sept. 25, 2012) <?Finland plans to inaugurate the use of a new, fixed-term driver's license as of January 19, 2013, according to a news report of September 17, 2012. In conformity with a European Union law, known as the ÅÂ?rd Driving Licence Directive," the licenses will be valid for terms of 2 to 15 years, […]

Brazil: Harsh Punishment for Bad Drivers

(May 2, 2008) In Brazil, a driver who receives a certain number of negative points on his driver's license due to traffic violations may temporarily lose his license and be obligated to attend a driver's course in order to be able to retrieve the license drive again. In the near future, this may not be […]