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China: Law on Legislation Amended

(July 8, 2015) On March 15, 2015, China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) adopted for the first time amendments to the Law on Legislation, which was originally promulgated in 2000. The Law regulates legislative and regulation-making activities of the NPC itself, the State Council (Cabinet), and central government departments and commissions and also the formulation of […]

Italy: Historic Constitutional Amendment in Progress

(Mar. 3, 2015) On January 27, 2015, the Italian Chamber of Deputies reviewed for a second time a constitutional amendment proposal approved by the Italian Senate. The proposed constitutional amendment contains a number of provisions that would substantially alter the parliamentary political system established in Italy under the Constitution of 1948. (Constitution of the Italian […]

Kenya: Security Laws (Amendment) Bill Enacted

(Dec. 30, 2014) On December 19, 2014, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law the controversial Security Laws (Amendment) Bill 2014, a day after Parliament approved the law amid nationally televised chaos involving heckling and fistfights, as some members sought to air their strong opposition to the proposal. (Chaos in Kenyan Parliament, CAPITAL FM KENYA […]

Indonesia: Law Amended to Give Lawmakers Added Protection

(July 21, 2014) The Indonesian House of Representatives (DPR), on July 8, 2014, adopted an amendment to the 2009 Legislative Institution Law, also called the MD3 Law. (Law No. 27, 2009 [in Indonesian], DPR website; Margareth S. Aritonang, New Law Shields House Members from Corruption Investigations, JAKARTA POST (July 14, 2014).) This Law sets rules […]

Tunisia: Parliament Passes New Election Laws

(May 7, 2014) Two weeks after its introduction and following intense deliberation among members of Tunisia’s assembly, on May 2, 2014, 132 members voted in favor and 11 against a new electoral law. This piece of legislation governs the country’s presidential and the parliamentary elections. (The National Assembly Passes New Election Law [in Arabic], AL […]

Swaziland: Call for More Women in Parliament

(Mar. 21, 2014) A prominent human rights activist has called on the parliament of Swaziland to live up to the constitutional requirement for participation of women in the legislature. Doo Aphane, a Swazi lawyer and Director of Women for Women Development Consultancy, said that women have a right and an obligation to participate fully in […]

Lebanon: Formation of New Government Creates Constitutional Conundrum

(Mar. 6, 2014) On February 15, 2014, a new government was formed in Lebanon after more than ten months of political struggle and maneuvering between the Coalition of March 8, in which Hizbullah (also transliterated as Hezbollah) is the most powerful member, and the Coalition of March 14, in which the Future Movement of the […]

Mexico: Federal Congress Initiates Current Session with a Heavy Legislative Agenda

(Feb. 14, 2014) The two Houses of Mexico’s Congress have started their new period of regular sessions with a heavy load of proposed amendments to secondary legislation derived from constitutional changes approved in 2013. The Senate has before it at least 73 suggested reforms to secondary legislation, and according to the analysis of parliamentary coordinators, […]

United States: Pennsylvania Moves Toward Rare Constitutional Change

(Dec. 31, 2013) On December 17, 2013, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives approved two bills that would amend article II, section 16 of the Constitution of Pennsylvania to reduce the membership of both houses of the state legislature, the General Assembly. (The Constitution of Pennsylvania, art. II, § 16,, Pennsylvania General Assembly website (last visited […]

Sierra Leone: Constitutional Amendment Passed by Legislature

(Nov. 26, 2013) On November 19, 2013, the House of Representatives, the unicameral Parliament of Sierra Leone, passed a controversial amendment to the country’s Constitution. The change affects the criteria for serving as Speaker of the House. (In Sierra Leone Speaker Criteria Amended in 2013 Amendment Act, AFRICATIME (Nov. 22, 2013).) The Constitution of 1991 […]