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Estonia: E-Residency May Be Granted to Foreign Investors

(June 6, 2014) On April 24, 2014, the Government of Estonia approved the concept of e-residency, which would allow non-resident foreign investors to use Estonian government online services, open bank accounts, and register businesses in Estonia without visiting the country. (Estonian Government Accepted E-Residency Concept, FINANCE ESTONIA (Apr. 25, 2014).) Profits from the Estonian virtual […]

New Zealand; Taiwan: Joint Venture Capital Investment Agreement

(Oct. 19, 2012) On October 3, 2012, the Republic of China (on Taiwan) (ROC) and New Zealand initialed letters of agreement on the Strategic Cooperation on Joint Investments in Venture Capital Funds. The landmark accord between the two countries, which already enjoy “robust economic and trade relations with complementary industrial strengths, … will boost cooperation, […]

Cape Verde: New Investment Code

(Aug. 15, 2012) On July 11, 2012, Cape Verde published a new Investment Code Law in its Official Gazette (Law 13/VIII/2012). The new Code replaces two previous laws, Law 90/IV/93 of December 13, 1993, and Regulatory Decree 1/94, of January 3, 1994. This legislation will come into force when a Tax Incentives Code, still under […]

Czech Republic: Changes in Investment Incentives

(May 18, 2012) On April 25, 2012, the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic approved a bill amending the Act on Investment Incentives (Act No. 72/2000, as last amended by Law No. 357/2011). In order to become law, the amendment bill, Senate Document No. 311, must be signed by the country's President. (Czech […]

China: Outbound Investments Made by Central Enterprises Strengthened

(May 16, 2012) The rate of Chinese state-owned enterprises investing in the overseas investment market has expanded in recent years, and with this there has also been an increase in the risks to their success. In response to these risks, the Chinese government has taken urgent action to introduce measures relating to the supervision and […]

Taiwan: More Mainland Chinese Investment to Be Permitted

(Mar. 22, 2012) On March 19, 2012, Taiwan's Minister of Economic Affairs, Shih Yen-shiang, announced the government's intention to allow mainland Chinese investors to participate in 161 kinds of businesses. This plan, outlined by Shih at a legislative committee hearing, would be the third round of opening up of Taiwan's market to investment from the […]

Vietnam: State Companies to Limit Their Investments in Some Businesses

(Aug. 11, 2011) Vietnam's Ministry of Finance has drafted a decree that will change the maximum level of investment by state-owned enterprises in businesses outside of their core areas of responsibility. The draft is already being circulated to various state agencies for review and, if adopted, will replace the February 5, 2009, Decree No. 09/2009/ND-CP, […]

Taiwan: Rules on Investment by China in Domestic Companies Eased

(Mar. 17, 2011) Taiwan's Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) issued new rules on March 2, 2011, that ease restrictions on investment from mainland China in 42 additional sectors, including 25 manufacturing, 8 services, and 9 public construction sectors. The process began in June 2009, when Taiwan opened up 205 manufacturing, services, and finance sectors to […]

Sri Lanka: New Investment Law Planned

(Mar. 7, 2011) Sri Lanka's Senior Minister of International Monetary Co-Operation, Dr. Sarath Amunugama, stated that the country's government plans to introduce a new investment law to encourage foreign investment. He argued that change was needed in the investment climate in order to improve the country's economic status and achieve a growth rate of over […]

Australia; New Zealand: Historic Investment Protocol Signed

(Feb. 22, 2011) On February 16, 2011, the Prime Ministers of Australia and New Zealand signed an Investment Protocol to the Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement. (Press Release, Hon. Julia Gillard, Australia and New Zealand Sign Historic Investment Protocol (Feb. 16, 2011),; Press Release, Hon. Bill English, Govt Welcomes Investment Agreement (Feb. 16, 2011), […]