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Denmark: Proposals Aimed at Services to Foreigners

(Apr. 13, 2011) Denmark's welfare state is experiencing stress due to high costs, and the government is considering moving from the current tax-based welfare model, the approach common in Scandinavian countries, to a system in which benefits are related to years of work. According to newspaper reports, the government plan has 28 points, most of […]

Sweden: Move Toward Providing Health Care, Education for Illegal Immigrants

(Mar. 14, 2011) The Swedish government and the Green Party recently announced an agreement on a policy toward migrants. The plan would allow even those in the country illegally to receive health care and education and would give them the right to run businesses. At a press briefing on March 3, 2011, Prime Minister Fredrik […]

Taiwan: Amendments to Immigration Act Proposed to Ease Overseas Nationals’ Obtaining ID Cards

(Jan. 25, 2011) It was reported on January 19, 2011, that the Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD), an advisory body to the Executive Yuan (Cabinet), has proposed amendments to the Immigration Act, whereby overseas-born Republic of China (on Taiwan) nationals would be eligible to apply in Taiwan for household registration and a national […]

European Court of Human Rights: Ruling Against Greece and Belgium on Asylum Procedure

(Jan. 24, 2011) On January 21, 2011, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) delivered its judgment in the case of M.S.S. v. Belgium and Greece and held that Greece and Belgium violated three articles of the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms pertaining to right to life, prohibition […]

France: Storage of Biometric Data from Foreigners Benefiting from Repatriation Aid

(Oct. 4, 2010) Starting October 1, 2010, biometric data (digital photographs and fingerprints) of foreigners who benefited from repatriation aid will be stored in a database referred to as OSCAR (Outil Simplifie de Controle des Aides au Retour– Tool for Verification of Repatriation Aid) (Le fichage biométrique des étrangers bénéficiant de l'aide au retour entre […]

France: Deportations of Roma: European Commission Assesses Recent Developments

(Oct. 4, 2010) On September 29, 2010, members of the European Commission met to discuss France's recent deportations of Roma to Romania and Bulgaria, to determine whether the French government either 1) is complying with European Union law on free movement of EU citizens or 2) is discriminating against a specific ethnic minority. (Press Release, […]

France: Draft Law on Immigration, Integration, and Nationality

(Sept. 20, 2010) The debate on a draft law on immigration, integration, and nationality is scheduled to begin September 28, 2010, before the French National Assembly (Assemblée Nationale, Projet de loi relative à l'immigration, à l'intégration et à la nationalité, No. 2400, (last visited Sept. 17, 2010)). The draft bill has three main goals: […]

Bahamas: Government Launches New Effort to Stem Illegal Immigration

(Sept. 17, 2010) (last visited Sept. 14, 2010).) Nevertheless, the Bahamas' long-standing problem with illegal immigration has not abated over the past couple of years. The country is located near a number of jurisdictions that many persons have sought to flee, including Haiti and Cuba. Other persons have illegally entered the country from the […]

Sweden: Migration Court Stops Transfer of Asylum Seekers to Greece Despite Dublin II Regulation

(Sept. 10, 2010) It was reported on September 6, 2010, that the Migration Court (Migrationsdomstolen) in Malmö, Sweden, decided to stop the transfer of five asylum seekers to Greece, where the two women and their three children had first traveled before arriving in Sweden. The Court reached this decision despite provisions of the European Union's […]

European Union: Report on Managing the Common European Asylum System and Effectiveness of Biometric Database (EURODAC)

(Sept. 2, 2010) On August 3, 2010, the European Commission published the 2009 annual report on the performance and activities of EURODAC. EURODAC was established to compare fingerprints in the Common Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS), in furtherance of the Dublin Convention of 2003. The Convention determines, based on certain criteria, which Member State is […]