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Iceland: Legalization of Surrogacy Proposed

(Oct. 26, 2015) On October 13, 2015, Iceland’s Health Minister, Kristján Þór Júlíusson, announced a proposal to legalize surrogacy in Iceland. (Proposal to Legalise Surrogacy in Iceland, MBL.IS (Oct. 14, 2015).) The proposed law would permit only altruistic surrogacy agreements, not commercial ones. It would allow both men and women to solicit a surrogate to carry their child. […]

Burma: Four “Race and Religion Protection Laws” Adopted

(Sept. 14, 2015) Four laws known collectively as the Race and Religion Protection Laws, which were submitted to the Parliament of Burma (Myanmar) in December 2014, were adopted this spring by the Parliament and recently signed by Thein Sein, Burma’s President. (Myanmar: Parliament Must Reject Discriminatory ‘Race and Religion’ Laws, Amnesty International website (Mar. 3, […]

China: Provincial Family Planning Regulations Amended Allowing More Couples to Have a Second Child

(Aug. 6, 2014) In the first half of 2014, Chinese provinces have been amending their family planning regulations to allow married couples in which one parent is an only child themselves to have a second child. The previous rules allowed married couples to have a second child only if both the husband and wife were […]

China: Statistics on Family Planning Fines Released

(Aug. 4, 2014) On July 29, 2014, Guangdong Province reportedly issued an audit report on the collection and management of the social maintenance fee, a fine imposed on parents who have “out-of-plan” children. According to the news report, it was the first time Guangdong Province has made public such an audit. (Liu Hongcen, Guangdong Shouci […]

England and Wales: Court of Protection Grants Vasectomy for Man with Learning Disabilities

(Aug. 21, 2013) In an historic judgment, the Court of Protection for England and Wales has ruled that it is in the “best interests” of a 37-year old man with an IQ of 40 – classified as having a moderate learning difficulty – to be sterilized. In this case, the man, who has the mental […]