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Mexico: Energy Reform Bill Submitted

(Apr. 2, 2008) President Felipe Calderón submitted an energy reform bill to the Mexican Congress on April 9, 2008. In a broadcast address to the nation, he pointed out that the object of the reform is to make the best possible use of the potential of the country's oil industry and to strengthen Petróleos Mexicanos […]

Switzerland: Sustainability Criteria for Biofuels

(Mar. 2, 2008) On January 30, 2008, Switzerland promulgated the Act Amending the Mineral Oil Tax Act (Mineralölsteuergesetz, Änderung, AMTLICHE SAMMLUNG (AS) 579) and the Act Amending the Mineral Oil Tax Regulation (Mineralölsteuerverordnung, Änderung, AS 583). (Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation official Web site (last visited Feb. 28, 2008).) These enactments have an […]

Barbados: Offshore Oil Exploration

(Jan. 2, 2008) In June 2007, Barbados planned to launch an offshore oil and gas exploration bidding round with the goal of awarding contracts to the successful bidders by the end of that year. (Barbados to Launch Exploration Round June 1st, RIGZONE, Mar. 28, 2007, At present, there is no offshore exploration underway, but […]

United States: Comprehensive Energy Policy Statute Enacted

(Jan. 2, 2008) On December 19, President Bush signed into law a comprehensive energy policy law intended to increase energy efficiency and the availability and use of renewable energy. The legislation raises Corporate Average Fuel Economy standards for manufacturers' combined fleets of cars and light trucks to 35 miles per gallon, which manufacturers must meet […]

Cuba: The Cienfuegos Oil Refinery Will Be Inaugurated in December 2007

(Nov. 2, 2007) On November 7, 2007, Rafael Ramírez, the Venezuelan Minister of the People's Power for Energy and Petroleum asserted that by December of 2007 the Cienfuegos Oil Refinery of Cuba would be inaugurated. The notice was confirmed during the signing of the 2007-2009 Collective-Bargaining Agreement and notice was also given concerning the respective […]