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Japan: Renewable Energy Production to Aid Agricultural, Forestry, and Fishing Villages

(Dec. 18, 2013) The Diet, Japan’s parliament, recently enacted the Act on Promotion of Generating Renewable Energy Harmonized with Healthy Development of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery, and it was promulgated on November 22, 2013. (Act No. 81 of 2013 [in Japanese] House of Representatives website [conduct search].) This Act aims to revitalize farming, timber, and […]

Gambia: National Assembly Approves Renewable Energy Legislation by Unanimous Vote

(Dec. 18, 2013) On December 12, 2013, The Gambia’s 53-member unicameral National Assembly unanimously adopted the Renewable Energy Bill, 2012, which, among other objectives, is aimed at putting in place a legal and institutional framework to encourage the use of renewable energy resources. (Aji Fatou Faal & Bekai Njie, Gambia Approves Bill to Promote Renewable […]

Indonesia: Regulation Mandates Proportion of Biodiesel in Diesel Fuel

(Sept. 30, 2013) Indonesia’s Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, in late August 2013, adopted a regulation that will require companies that sell diesel fuel in the country to include at least 10% biodiesel in their fuel mixes. The requirement must be met by January 2014. This regulation replaces one adopted in 2008 that had […]

Sri Lanka: Plan to Amend Electricity Act

(Apr. 1, 2013) The major opposition party in Sri Lanka has criticized what it views as a flawed attempt by the government to amend the country’s Electricity Act. (Sri Lanka Electricity Act, No. 20 of 2009, GAZETTE OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA (Apr. 8, 2009); Proposed Amendment to Electricity Act Will Leave […]

India; Sri Lanka: Talks on an Agreement to Strengthen Nuclear Cooperation

(Oct. 16, 2012) On October 12, 2012, in New Delhi, India and Sri Lanka began talks on enhancing their cooperation in the field of civil nuclear technology. The two nations agreed to work for the peaceful use of nuclear power, to improve the lives of their citizens. The discussions covered the concerns expressed by Sri […]

Japan: Law to Establish Nuclear Regulatory Commission

(Aug. 13, 2012) A new law to create an independent Nuclear Regulatory Commission for nuclear plant safety was promulgated on June 27, 2012 (Genshiryoku kisei iinkai secchi ho_] [Nuclear Regulatory Commission Establishment Act], Act No. 47 of 2012). The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will be an external branch of the Environment Ministry. A second new body, […]

Indonesia: New Pricing Regulations for Biomass Power Plants

(July 16, 2012) According to Kardaya Warnika of Indonesia's Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, speaking on July 10, 2012, the country will soon adopt new pricing regulations for biomass power plants. The aim is to encourage investment in the sector, as well as to optimize use of the waste produced by cities for power generation. […]

Italy: Nuclear Power

(Oct. 3, 2011) A few months after the Fukushima disaster in Japan, on June 12 and 13, 2011, Italians were asked to decide in a referendum whether they wanted to support the government's plan to restart a nuclear program that had been abandoned in the 1980s after the nuclear disaster occurred at Chernobyl (Italy Nuclear: […]

France: Energy from Renewable Sources and Bio-Fuels

(Oct. 3, 2011) France adopted an ordinance on September 14, 2011, that transposes EU Directives 2009/28 and 2009/30 into national law (Ordonnance no. 2011-1105 du 14 septembre 2011 portant transposition des directives 2009/28/CE et 2009/30/CE du Parlement européen et du Conseil du 23 avril 2009 dans le domaine des énergies renouvelables et des biocarburants, LEGIFRANCE). […]

Ghana: Local Content Likely to Be Required in Energy Sector

(Apr. 26, 2011) Speaking on April 21, 2011, in Accra, Ghana, Deputy Minister of Energy Inusah Fuseini discussed the plan to make the country's local content and local participation policy into a legal norm. Once the Cabinet approves the draft, it will be sent for parliamentary review. If it becomes law, Fuseini stated, “we can […]