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Brazil: New Law Creates National Program for Access to Technical Education and Employment

(Nov. 18, 2011) On October 26, 2011, Brazilian President Dilma Roussef enacted Law No. 12,513 (Lei No. 12.513 de 26 de Outubro de 2011, PLANALTO.GOV.BR), which creates a national program for access to technical education and employment (Programa Nacional de Acesso ao Ensino Técnico e ao Emprego – Pronatec). The program was designed to enable […]

Chile: Congress Approves Draft Legislation to Combat Bullying in Schools

(Sept. 21, 2011) On September 7, 2011, Chile's Congress approved draft legislation (Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional de Chile (BCN) site (Sept. 7, 2011)) that would amend the General Law on Education (GLE) (Ley 20370, amended by Decreto con Fuerza de Ley No. 2, July 2, 2010, BCN) to establish clear definitions, procedures, and penalties for […]

Israel: Digitization of School Books

(Sept. 20, 2011) In September 2011, Israel's Ministry of Education issued a public announcement on digital textbooks. The announcement indicated that the Ministry was implementing a national program titled “Adjusting the Education System to the 21st Century.” Within the framework of this program, the Ministry announced the beginning of a process designed to replace all […]

Sri Lanka: Plan for Aid to University Students to Be Developed

(Apr. 1, 2011) Sri Lanka's Minister of Higher Education, S.B. Dissanayake, recently proposed a new law, the Human Capital Development Finance Act. The plan has been approved by the Cabinet, and the drafting process will begin soon. The purpose of the legislation is to provide aid in the form of bank loans to underprivileged university […]

France: Suspension of Family Allowances in Case of School Absenteeism

(Feb. 1, 2011) Decree 2011-89 of January 21, 2011, sets forth the modalities under which family allowances may be either suspended or revoked, in totality or partly, when a child fails to attend school as provided by Law 2010-1127 of September 28, 2010, aimed at fighting school absenteeism in France. The Decree took effect on […]

Nigeria: Regional Court Says Government Has Legal Obligation to Provide Free and Compulsory Education to Children

(Dec. 3, 2010) On November 30, 2010, the Court of Justice of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS CCJ) ruled that the Nigerian government has an obligation to provide free and compulsory education to every Nigerian child (ECOWAS Court Orders Nigeria to Provide Free, Compulsory Education, AFRIQUE AVENIR (Dec. 1, 2010), This […]

Denmark: Student Grant Rules to Be Changed

(July 9, 2010) It was reported on July 8, 2010, that Denmark's government is planning to amend rules on state grants to students to limit the number of years in which a student can qualify for the funding. By cutting the period to five years, the government hopes to push students to complete their education […]

Israel: Court Rules Against Guaranteed Income for Students at Religious Institutes

(June 16, 2010) On June 14, 2010, Israel's High Court of Justice issued a ruling that ends the payment of a guaranteed income to certain students. The group affected is married men enrolled at advanced religious studies institutes. In 2009, the total funding for the program was NIS121 million (about US$25.8 million), and the payments […]

Cape Verde: New Law Will Require Journalists to Have a Degree

(May 5, 2010) A new Journalist Statute was approved by the Cape Verdean Parliament in April 2010 and must be voted on by the National Assembly in May 2010 before it can come into force. According to the approved Statute, in order to work as a journalist, a person will need to have a college […]