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Libya: Public Prosecution Detains ICC Defense Team for 45 Days

(June 14, 2012) On June 11, 2012, Libyan prosecutorial authorities detained the defense team assigned by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to defend Saif al Islam, the son of former Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi. The ICC defense team was on an official mission to meet Saif al Islam to discuss matters related to the ICC's […]

Egypt: Former President Mubarak Sentenced to Life in Prison

(June 7, 2012) On June 2, 2012, the Criminal Court of Egypt sentenced former President Hosni Mubarak to life in prison. The same sentence was meted out to the former Minister of Interior (the equivalent of the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security). In its decision, the court stated that Mubarak and his […]

Brazil: New Law Creates DNA Database to Help Resolve Violent Crimes

(June 5, 2012) On May 29, 2012, Brazil promulgated Law No. 12,654 of May 28, 2012, which creates a national DNA database designed to help resolve violent crimes. The purpose of the Law is to establish a central database of genetic information, managed by an official agency of the forensic department of the police force. […]

Kuwait: New Sentences Handed Down in Case Against Alleged Spies for Iran

(May 31, 2012) A Kuwait appellate court recently issued its decision in a case involving seven people accused of spying for Iran. The court reduced the sentences of three convicts, two Iranians and one Kuwaiti, from capital punishment to life in prison; confirmed the sentence of life in prison of a fourth, who is classified […]

Iraq: Release of Hizbollah Activist

(May 14, 2012) An Iraqi court has decided to release an activist affiliated with the Lebanese political party Hizbollah who was detained and handed over to the Iraqi government by the American forces upon their withdrawal from Iraq at the end of last year. The detained man, Ali Dakdouk, was accused of involvement in killing […]

Egypt: Draft Law Enhancing Punishment for the Crime of Torture Approved

(May 10, 2012) On May 7, 2012, the Legislative Committee of Egypt’s People’s Assembly approved the amendment of specific provisions on the crime of torture in the country’s penal law. The amendment increases the punishment of public officials who are convicted of committing an act of torture from one year of imprisonment and a fine […]

Argentina: Criminal Code Amendment to Include Femicide

(May 3, 2012) On April 18, 2012, Argentina's Cámara de Diputados (the lower house of the country's Congress) approved, by unanimous vote, a bill that amends the Criminal Code (Código Penal de la Nación Argentina, Law No. 11.179 of 1984, art. 80, INFOLEG) to include femicide as an aggravated type of homicide. The proposed amendment […]

Dominican Republic; Organization of American States: Agreement to Combat Trafficking in Firearms

(May 3, 2012) On April 20, 2012, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the government of the Dominican Republic announced that they had reached an agreement whereby the OAS will deliver to the Dominican Republic equipment donated by the United States government to mark firearms. (Press Release, OAS, OEA y República Dominicana firman acuerdo […]

Pakistan: Judicial Inquiry into Prison Attack

(Apr. 30, 2012) The Peshawar High Court of Pakistan has ordered a judicial inquiry into a prison attack by armed militants that resulted in the release of 384 inmates, including one prisoner jailed for the attempted assassination of former President Pervez Musharraf. On April 15, 2012, at around 1:15 a.m., hundreds of armed militants attacked […]

Denmark: New Regulations on Air Guns Stir Controversy

(Apr. 30, 2012) As of the beginning of June 2012, new regulations on firearms will tighten control of air guns in Denmark. Any such weapon with a 5.5 millimeter caliber will need to be registered with the police. Furthermore, in order to use an air gun, owners of the weapons will have to either purchase […]