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Germany: Online Searches of Personal Computers

(Mar. 2, 2008) On February 27, 2008, the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany issued a decision on online searches of personal computers by the intelligence agencies (Docket No. 1 BvR 595/07, Federal Constitutional Court official Web site. The decision invalidated various provisions of the Act on Domestic Intelligence Agency of the State of North-Rhine Westphalia […]

Peru: Prohibition of Access to Minors to Pornographic Web Pages

(Mar. 2, 2008) Law No. 29139, promulgated on November 30, 2007, amends the title and articles 1, 2 and 3 of Law 28119, concerning prohibition of access by minors to web pages containing pornographic content, to chat forums, and to any other type of communication over internet involving pornographic subject matter and/or information considered a […]

United States: Virginia Supreme Court Upholds Felony Spamming Conviction

(Mar. 2, 2008) On February 29, 2008 the Supreme Court of Virginia upheld the felony conviction of Jeremy Jaynes on three counts of violating the unsolicited bulk e-mail ("spam") provision of the Virginia Computer Crimes Act. Jaynes used computer systems in his home in North Carolina to send tens of thousands of unsolicited e-mail advertisements […]

Indian Ocean Commission: Agreement on Telecommunications Fiber Cable

(Mar. 2, 2008) At a meeting held in mid-February 2008 in Addis Ababa, Indian Ocean islands agreed to be connected to each other and the rest of the world by fiber cable. The nations involved include Comoros, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion (a French region, not an independents state), and Seychelles. At present Mauritius and Reunion are […]

Germany: Telecommunications Surveillance

(Jan. 2, 2008) On December 31, 2007, Germany promulgated the Act Reforming Telecommunications Surveillance and Other Covert Investigative Measures and Transposing Directive 2006/24/EC (Gesetz zur Neuerung der Telekommunikationsüberwachung und anderer verdeckter Ermittlungsarten sowie zur Umsetzung der Richtlinie 2006/24/EG, BUNDESGESETZBLATT I at 3198). The Reform Act serves to transpose the European Union Directive 2006/24/EC (2006 OFFICIAL […]

Israel: Authorization for Preservation of Telecommunication Data

(Jan. 2, 2008) On December 17, 2007, the Knesset (Israel's Parliament) passed the Criminal Procedure (Enforcement Authorities – Telecommunications Data) Law, 5768-2007. The Law authorizes the police to establish a database composed of technical data of telecommunications, telephone, and Internet transactions. The Law defines three ways in which the police could obtain such information: the […]

Lithuania: Telecom Providers Required to Monitor All Customers

(Jan. 2, 2008) On December 18, 2007, the Parliament of Lithuania adopted amendments to the nation's Law on Electronic Communications, which obligate the providers of regular and mobile telephone services to obtain and preserve information on use of these means of communications by customers. According to the amendments, all phone and mobile companies must locate […]

Egypt: Tribal Council Fines Journalist

(Nov. 2, 2007) In a precedent, the first of its kind in journalism, a customary tribal judicial council in Sinai has fined a journalist member of al-Byadiah tribe, who was accused of slander and libel, 2.7 million Egyptian pounds, the equivalent of the price of 1,000 female camels, to be paid to the al-Tarabin tribe. […]

Ghana: Phone Chip Registration

(Nov. 2, 2007) It was reported in late September 2007 that Ghana's National Communication Authority (NCA) was introducing reforms in the mobile phone industry. Under the NCA's proposed new regulations, a spokeswoman stated, customers would have to provide such information as name, home address, other telephone numbers, and a form of identification before the seller […]

United States: Moratorium on State Taxation of Internet Access Extended to 2014

(Nov. 2, 2007) On October 31, President Bush signed into law the Internet Tax Freedom Act Amendments Act of 2007. The act extends a moratorium on state and local taxation of Internet access services through November 1, 2014. The moratorium was first enacted in 1998, and was renewed in 2001 and 2004, but was due […]