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Israel: Regulation of Military Reserve Service

(May 2, 2008) On April 2, 2008, the Knesset (Israel's Parliament) passed a law that defines the structure of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reserve force and its capability and objectives. The law provides the framework for a call for reserve service and the rights and duties of reserve soldiers. The law declares that the […]

Russia: Supreme Court Rules to Acquit Military Deserters

(May 2, 2008) On April 3, 2008, the plenary session of the Russian Federation Supreme Court reviewed the lower courts' practice in resolving cases related to draft dodging and ruled that a conscript who left the place of his military service will not be held criminally responsible if his first-time desertion was committed because of […]

India: Armed Forces Tribunal Established

(Feb. 2, 2008) On December 25, 2007, the President of India gave assent to the promulgation of the Armed Forces Tribunal Act, 2007. The Act provides for an Armed Forces Tribunal for the adjudication or trial, including appeals, of disputes and complaints with respect to commissions, appointments, enrollment, and conditions of service for persons covered […]

Benin: Military Service Law

(Nov. 2, 2007) The legislature of Benin passed the Law on Public Interest Military Service on September 20, 2007, thereby enabling the government to put into effect its plan for the national mobilization of youth for the country's development. The Law prescribes that every Beninese youth between the ages of 18 and 35 is subject […]