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Mexico: Senate Committees Approve Reform of Military Trial Jurisdiction

(May 10, 2012) It was reported on April 20, 2012, that the key Senate committees of Mexico's national legislature, the Congress of the Union, have approved amendments to the law on military trial jurisdiction. Members of the Committees of Justice, Interior, and Legislative Studies were expected to present their opinions on the proposed legislation to […]

Egypt: People’s Assembly Amends Law of 1996 on Military Judiciary

(May 8, 2012) On May 6, 2012, the Egyptian People's Assembly approved the abolishment of article 6 of the Law on the Military Judiciary. This article allowed the President of the Republic to refer civilians for trial before military courts. The deletion grants the right to the Military Prosecutor's Office to refer all cases involving […]

Israel: Supreme Court Decision Invalidating the Law on Haredi Military Draft Postponement

(Mar. 16, 2012) On February 21, 2012, an expanded bench of the Supreme Court of Israel ruled by a six-to-three majority that the Knesset (parliament) could not extend the application of the Law on Deferment of the Military Draft for Yeshiva Students Whose Occupation Is the Study of the Torah 5762-2002 (Tal Law) beyond its […]

Switzerland: Military Conscription

(Oct. 5, 2011) On October 3, 2011, the Federal Commission for Childhood and Youth Issues (Eidgenössische Kommission für Kinder- und Jugendfragen (last visited Oct. 4, 2011)) published a report entitled A Service for the Public Welfare (Ein Dienst für das Gemeinwohl) (Oct. 2011)) in which it recommended replacing military conscription with a system that would […]

Israel: Protection of Female Soldiers from Pregnancy-Related Dismissal

(Nov. 24, 2010) On November 1, 2010, the Knesset (Parliament) passed the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Regular Service (Female Soldiers in Regular Service) Law, 5771-2010. Labor laws currently require employers who wish to terminate the employment of women during pregnancy leave, parental leave, or within 60 days following the termination of either type of such […]

Israel: Mandatory Status Report to Parliamentary Committee re Veterans’ Pensions and Rehabilitation

(Nov. 22, 2010) On November 2, 2010, the Knesset (Israel's Parliament) passed an amendment to the Invalids (Pensions and Rehabilitation) Law, 5719-1959. The amendment imposes a duty on the Minister of Defense and on the heads of both the rehabilitation and the veterans' memorial departments in the Ministry of Defense to provide annual reports to […]

Israel: Veterans’ Benefits

(Aug. 19, 2010) On July 21, 2010, the Knesset (Israel's Parliament) passed an amendment to the Absorption of Veterans Law, 5754-1994. The amendment establishes a new fund for the encouragement of higher education for veterans. The Law provides that the fund's first objective is to encourage veterans to study in institutions of higher education, in […]

Georgia; Russian Federation: Separatist Regions of Georgia Conclude Military Agreements with Russia

(June 10, 2010) On May 5, 2010, the parliament of South Ossetia, a disputed region within Georgia that declared its independence from Georgia in 1990, ratified the Treaty on Military Cooperation with Russia, which was signed in Moscow on April 7, 2010. (Statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia on the Treaty on […]

Japan: Is a Sightseeing Trip by a Member of the U.S. Military Part of “Official Business”?

(Oct. 22, 2009) Japan's Board of Audit decided to recommend to the Ministry of Self Defense (MSD) that the MSD investigate the use of highway toll passes by members of U.S. troops stationed in Japan and define the “official purposes” for which U.S. troops are entitled to move between facilities free of tolls. Under article […]

Turkey: Jurisdiction of Military Courts Decreased

(Aug. 28, 2009) On June 26, 2009, the Parliament of Turkey enacted Law No. 5918, on Amendments to the Turkish Penal Code and Other Laws. The President of Turkey, Abdullah Gul, approved the Law, which became effective on July 9, 2009. The Law was passed in order to limit the jurisdiction of military courts to […]