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Thailand: Revised Excise Tax Law

(Oct. 12, 2017) On September 16, 2017, a revised excise tax came into force in Thailand that increases taxes on seven products, including alcoholic beverages, playing cards, sugary drinks, and tobacco. Speculation in advance was that prices would go up substantially. For that reason, the commerce and finance ministries moved to limit hoarding of the […]

Taiwan: Proposed Amendments to Tobacco and Alcohol Tax

(Mar. 20, 2017) The Finance Committee and the Social Welfare and Environmental Health Committees of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan (the main parliamentary body) approved a draft amendment to the Tobacco and Alcohol Tax Act on March 13, 2017. (You Kang Yin, Taiwan: Draft Amendment to Tobacco and Alcohol Tax Law – Released, TAX NEWS SERVICE (Mar. […]

Japan: New Wine Labeling Regulation

(Nov. 4, 2015) Japan did not previously have regulations on the labeling of wine made from grapes, except for the industry’s own regulations. As more wine is drunk in Japan and more domestic manufacturers make wines, clearer regulations have been sought by consumers. (Alcohol Tax Division, 16th Meeting Minutes (June 17, 2015), National Tax Council […]

Thailand: Alcohol Banned Near Educational Institutions

(Aug. 14, 2015) On July 22, 2015, the Office of the Prime Minister of Thailand issued an amendment to the country’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Act. It will enter into force 30 days after publication. (Note to Readers: Clarification on New Laws Curbing Alcohol Sales in Thailand, KHAOSOD ENGLISH (July 27, 2015); Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, […]

Indonesia: Ban on Alcoholic Beverage Sales Considered

(May 19, 2015) A proposed law to control alcoholic beverages has been considered in Indonesia since 2013. (RUU Larangan Minuman Beralkohol Tahun 2013 [Draft Law Banning Alcoholic Drinks of 2013], HUKUMONLINE [click on link for text].) The proposal was originally made by two Islamic political parties, the United Development Party and the Prosperous Justice Party. […]

Indonesia: Beer Sales Ban for Small Vendors

(Apr. 23, 2015) In January 2015, Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade issued Regulation 6/M-Dag/PER/1/2015, which bans the sale by small shops of drinks with an alcohol content of 1% to 5%. (Perubahan Kedua Atas Peraturan Perdagangan No. 20/M-DAG/PER/4/2014 Tentang Pengendalian Dan Pengawasan Terhadap Pengadaan, Peredaran, dan Penjualan Minuman Beralkohol [Second Amendment to Regulation No. 20/M-DAG/PER/4/2014 on […]

Brazil: New Law Criminalizes Sale of Alcoholic Beverages to Minors

(Feb. 27, 2015) On February 24, 2015, the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies approved a new law that amends the Statute of the Child and Adolescent and more clearly criminalizes the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under 18 years of age. (Estatuto da Criança e do Adolescente, Lei No. 8.069, de 13 de Julho de […]

Japan: Basic Law on Measures Against Health Problems Caused by Alcohol Intake

(Feb. 5, 2014) A law that establishes measures on alcohol-related problems, including health issues and alcoholism, was enacted in December 2013. (Basic Law on Measures Against Health Problems Caused by Alcohol Intake (hereinafter Alcohol Problem Basic Law), Act No. 109 of 2013.) It was estimated in 2003 that there were 8.6 million heavy drinkers in […]

Iceland: Whale Meal Beer Ban Lifted

(Jan. 29, 2014) Iceland had temporarily banned the production and sale of beer made with whale bone meal. The West Iceland Public Health Authority had halted production, citing food production regulations; a complete, national prohibition was imposed on January 20, 2014. The companies that planned to make the beer, the brewery Steðji and the whaling company […]