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United Nations; World Trade Organization: Agreement on Technical Assistance in Africa

(Mar. 16, 2010) On March 9, 2010, a memorandum of understanding was concluded by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) at the UNECA offices in Addis Ababa. The agreement, which was signed by Abdoulie Janneh, Under Secretary-General and Executive Secretary of UNECA, and Valentine Rugwabiza, WTO Deputy […]

China; United States; World Trade Organization: Panel Report on Dispute over Trading Rights and Distribution Services Issued

(Aug. 27, 2009) On August 12, 2009, a World Trade Organization (WTO) Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) panel issued a report on the dispute between the United States and the People's Republic of China over trading rights and distribution services involving publications and audio-visual products. As THE NEW YORK TIMES pointed out, “[t]he ruling goes to […]

World Trade Organization: Panel Established in China-U.S. Poultry Dispute

(Aug. 6, 2009) On July 31, 2009, the World Trade Organization's Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) set up a panel to consider a dispute between China and the United States over trade in Chinese poultry. (DS392, United States – Certain Measures Affecting Imports of Poultry from China, DSB website, July 31, 2009, available at China […]

Taiwan; World Trade Organization: Accession to Global Government Procurement Agreement

(July 2, 2009) Taiwan acceded to the World Trade Organization's Government Procurement Agreement (GPA) on June 8, 2009, which will make it the 41st party to the treaty once formal accession enters in force 30 days thereafter, on or about July 9. The GPA, which is administered by a Committee on Government Procurement, “was negotiated […]

United Nations; World Trade Organization: Report on Connection Between Climate Change and Trade Issued

(July 1, 2009) The World Trade Organization (WTO) and the United Nations Environment Programme released a report on June 26, 2009, detailing the connections between trade and climate change. The document “examines the intersections between trade and climate change from four perspectives: the science of climate change; economics; multilateral efforts to tackle climate change; and […]

World Trade Organization: Hyperlinked Map of Disputes Between Members

(June 11, 2009) The World Trade Organization has recently posted on its website an interactive map that depicts disputes between its member states. The top of the webpage shows a list of highlight-able choices among types of member-state involvement in disputes: as complainant, respondent, or either. The accompanying map shows member-state areas of the world […]

World Trade Organization: Publication on Regional Trade Agreements

(Mar. 5, 2009) The World Trade Organization recently published a collection of papers based on a conference, “Multilateralizing Regionalism,” held from September 10-12, 2007. The papers were later revised in consultation with trade scholars and analysts and members of various WTO national delegations. According to the WTO, nearly all of its members are party to […]

World Trade Organization: Dispute Panel Finds for U.S. in Aspects of Dispute with China over Intellectual Property Issues

(Feb. 3, 2009) On January 26, 2009, a dispute settlement panel of the World Trade Organization (WTO) found for the United States “that large parts of China's intellectual property scheme are inconsistent with its obligations under several international treaties, including the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) … .” (Andrew Gilmore, WTO […]

World Trade Organization: New Database of Regional Agreements

(Jan. 28, 2009) In January 2009, the World Trade Organization (WTO) launched an online database of regional trade agreements (RTAs). It can be accessed by the public at (last visited Jan. 22, 2009) and can be searched based on jurisdiction or based on other criteria, such as whether the agreement covers goods or services […]

World Trade Organization: Actions in Response to the Global Financial Crisis

(Oct. 17, 2008) On October 14, 2008, Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), reported to the WTO General Council on WTO actions in light of the global financial crisis. Lamy noted: Given the deterioration of the financial landscape, and despite the welcome announcement last week by the World Bank International Finance Corporation […]