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Vietnam: Anti-Corruption Plan Adopted

(May 24, 2010) In April 2010, Vietnam adopted an implementation plan for the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC, signed by Vietnam on Dec. 10, 2003, and ratified on Aug. 19, 2009; text in English available from the U.N. website, (last visited May 11, 2010).) The purpose of the plan is to harmonize Vietnam's […]

Vietnam: Revised Draft Capital Law Made Public

(Mar. 2, 2010) It was reported on February 22, 2010, that Vietnam's Ministry of Justice has placed on its website a revised draft of the Capital Law. Provisions that would have given Hanoi municipal officials the right to issue laws different from those of the central government, “so long as they were within the framework […]

Vietnam: Crackdown on Cyber-Activists, Including Prominent Lawyer

(Aug. 6, 2009) According to a report issued by the Open Source Center (OSC) on July 9, 2009, Vietnam has launched a campaign to suppress bloggers, which “appears to be aimed at halting the relatively free political expression that has been evident online for several months.” (OSC Report: Vietnamese Authorities Seek To Silence, Intimidate Cyber-Activists, […]

Vietnam: Government Inspection of Stimulus-Related Construction Projects

(Aug. 5, 2009) It was reported on July 14, 2009, that the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was to begin a comprehensive inspection of all basic construction projects receiving assistance from the country's fiscal stimulus package, in order to determine whether they are up to standard. Seven delegations of the Ministry of Planning […]

Vietnam: Draft Law on Disabled Being Formulated

(Aug. 4, 2009) On July 10, 2009, Vietnam's Ministry of Labour, War Invalids, and Social Welfare and the Vietnam Assistance for the Handicapped organization held a third workshop to gather advice from local and international experts on the drafting of a law on the protection of the disabled. It was the last such forum to […]

Vietnam: Government Issues Human Rights Report

(June 30, 2009) On May 8, 2009, Vietnam's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pham Binh Minh, presented a report on the country's human rights status to the United Nations Human Rights Council. The Council, which met in Geneva, Switzerland, from May 4 to 15, conducts periodic reviews of human rights in each U.N. member nation. […]

Vietnam: Proposed Changes in Investment Law

(May 11, 2009) It was reported on May 1, 2009, that Vietnam is finalizing the draft of a new law that would amend several of the country's laws on investment, construction, the environment, and taxation, among others. The purported purpose of the government in revising the laws is not only to improve Vietnam's investment climate, […]

Vietnam: Public Debt Law to Be Debated

(Mar. 13, 2009) A draft law on public debt was discussed on March 9, 2009, in committees of Vietnam's National Assembly, as well as by the Assembly's Council on Ethnic Nationalities. The debate centers on whether or not the debts of state-owned enterprises should be included in the law's provisions on pubic debt management. As […]

Vietnam: Stricter Measures Against Drunk Driving

(Mar. 2, 2009) On February 17, 2009, the Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam announced new, more stringent measures against drunk driving. The provisions, which amend the Law on Road Traffic passed in November 2008 by the National Assembly, stipulate, among other changes: · a zero blood alcohol limit for drivers of automobiles, tractors, […]

Japan; Vietnam: Economic Partnership Agreement Signed

(Jan. 23, 2009) On December 25, 2008, Vietnam and Japan concluded an Economic Partnership Agreement; it is expected to come into effect early in 2009, following ratification by each party. It was signed in Tokyo by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Hirofumi Nakasone, and the Minister for Industry and Trade of the Socialist […]