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Uganda: Parliament Orders Government to Rein In Ritual Killings

(May 26, 2009) It was reported on May 19, 2009, that the Ugandan Parliament passed a resolution instructing the government to establish a judicial inquiry commission within two weeks to look into the problem of human sacrifice and trafficking in persons in Uganda. Third Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Internal Affairs Kirunda Kivejinja, who […]

Uganda: Law on Traditional Medicine

(Apr. 21, 2009) It was reported on April 13, 2009, that the Ugandan Parliament passed a motion asking the government to promulgate a law regulating traditional healers and their practices. Christopher Kibazanga, the representative who put forward the motion, argued that although traditional healers/herbalists are recognized under the Ministry of Gender, Labor, and Social Development, […]

Uganda: Stringent Traffic Provisions Enter into Force

(Mar. 20, 2009) It was reported on March 16, 2009, that certain provisions of the Traffic and Road Safety Act of 1998 recently became effective. The implementation had been temporarily delayed by the Transportation Minister (according to §1 of the Act) due to complaints that the provisions were too harsh. According to the Kampala Extra […]

International Criminal Court; Uganda: Venue Determination for LRA Trials

(Mar. 18, 2009) On March 10, 2009, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a statement in which it maintained that it is the ICC's mandate and not that of the Ugandan government to make a determination on venue for the trials of Lord Resistance Army (LRA) chief Joseph Kony and his top aides, Vincent Otti, […]

Uganda: Bill Would Impose Tougher Restrictions on Tobacco

(Mar. 13, 2009) It was reported on March 4, 2009, that the Ugandan government is gearing up to propose the Tobacco Bill of 2009, which would impose tougher limits on the use of tobacco in the country. This bill, if passed into law, would put an end to advertising of tobacco in the media and […]

Uganda: Domestic Violence Law

(Mar. 13, 2009) It was reported on March 9, 2009, that the Ugandan Cabinet approved a bill that seeks to rein in domestic violence. The bill will now be presented to the Parliament. This bill makes engaging in domestic violence an offense punishable by a fine of up to 48 currency points (UGX96,000 or about […]

Uganda: Bill on Interception of Communication

(Mar. 9, 2009) On March 2, 2009, in an address to the Information and Communications Technology Committee, Ugandan Security Minister, Amama Mbabazi, defended the Regulation of Interception of Communications Bill of 2007, which he had proposed as a tool necessary to fight terrorism. One of the justifications that he presented was the fact that all […]

Uganda: Highest Court Refuses to Outlaw Capital Punishment

(Jan. 29, 2009) It was reported on January 21, 2009, that the Ugandan Supreme Court rejected a petition brought by 418 inmates on death row to have capital punishment declared unconstitutional. The Court held that capital punishment is not inconsistent with the Ugandan Constitution. The Court, however, rejected an appeal by the government and upheld […]

Congo, The Democratic Republic of the; Uganda: Border Demarcation Planned in Lake

(Sept. 17, 2008) The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Uganda are planning to clearly mark their border in Lake Edward. The work will be done by a team composed of representatives of the two countries and will proceed with technical assistance from Germany. The project was announced by the resident district commissioner of […]

Uganda: New Law to Allow Dual Citizenship

(Aug. 28, 2008) On August 17, 2008, the Ugandan Citizenship and Immigration Control (Amendment) Bill of 2008 was introduced on the floor of the Ugandan Parliament. The bill will give effect to the Constitution (Amendment) Act (No. 2) of 2005, which allows acquisition of dual citizenship. This bill permits Ugandan citizens 18 years and older […]