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Turkey: New Minimum Wage

(Jan. 3, 2011) Turkey's Minimum Wage Commission announced on December 28, 2010, that the country's new minimum wage as of January 2011 will be TL796.50 (about US$515) a month, making the monthly net after-tax income of minimum wage earners TL629.96 (about US$406). In addition, in the second half of 2011 the gross minimum wage is […]

Turkey: Draft Firearms Legislation Suspended by Parliamentary Committee

(Jan. 3, 2011) It was reported in late December 2010 that a draft law on firearms that had been approved by the Internal Affairs Subcommittee of Turkey's Parliament has been suspended. The Umut Foundation, an anti-gun nongovernment organization in Turkey, and some other civil society organizations, were successful in mobilizing public opinion against the proposed […]

Turkey: Sentences Lengthened for Use of Kurdish

(Oct. 27, 2010) It was reported on October 22, 2010, that a court in Turkey had penalized three Kurdish-speaking defendants for attempting to use their own language during their trial. A judgment was announced without allowing the defense a chance to speak, and an often applied “good conduct” abatement of punishment was disallowed. The resulting […]

European Court of Human Rights; Turkey: Decision in Case of Slain Journalist

(Sept. 15, 2010) The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), based in Strasbourg, ruled on September 14, 2010, in favor of a petition submitted by the family of Hrant Dink that Turkey had failed to protect the life of the slain Turkish-Armenian journalist and had also failed to conduct an effective investigation to determine Turkish […]

Turkey: New Employment Income Tax Rates

(Aug. 12, 2010) Law 6009, amending Turkey's individual income tax brackets with retrospective effect from January 1, was published in the country's OFFICIAL GAZETTE on August 1,2010 (Gvergisi kanunuile bazi kanun ve kanun hükmünde kararnamelerde değişiklik yapilmasina dair kanun (Law No. 6009 ofJuly 23, 2010) [in Turkish], RESMÎ GAZETE, No. 27659 (Aug. 1, 2010) […]

Turkey: Legislature Approves Amendments to Constitution

(May 12, 2010) The Grand National Assembly (Turkey's parliament) approved a set of amendments to the Turkish Constitution on May 7, 2010. The changes, proposed by the ruling Justice and Development Party, include a revamping of the Constitutional Court, major restructuring of the Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors, and new restrictions on the power […]

Turkey: Controversial Amendments to Constitution Proposed by Ruling Party

(Mar. 29, 2010) Hasan Gerceker, the President of Turkey's Supreme Court, stated in an interview on March 22, 2010, that proposed amendments to the country's Constitution – made public the same day – threaten the separation of powers and judicial independence. Despite the government's claim that the proposed revisions comply with European Union standards, Gerceker […]

European Court of Human Rights; Turkey: Criminal Conviction of Religious Group Members for Wearing Religious Clothing in Public Space Violated Freedom of Religion

(Mar. 1, 2010) On February 23, 2010, in Ahmet Arslan and Others v. Turkey, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) found that Turkey had violated article 9 (freedom of thought, conscience, and religion) of the European Convention on Human Rights. (Affaire Ahmet Arslan et Autres c. Turquie (Requête n° 41135/98), ECHR website, (last […]

Turkey: Wiretapping of Jurists Ruled Out

(Dec. 31, 2009) It was reported on December 29, 2009, Turkey's Council of State has ruled against a law that would have permitted the Justice Ministry to wiretap judges and prosecutors. The decision of the Council was unanimous and applied to article 98 of the regulation that establishes the responsibilities and methodology of the Turkish […]

Turkey: Jurisdiction of Military Courts Decreased

(Aug. 28, 2009) On June 26, 2009, the Parliament of Turkey enacted Law No. 5918, on Amendments to the Turkish Penal Code and Other Laws. The President of Turkey, Abdullah Gul, approved the Law, which became effective on July 9, 2009. The Law was passed in order to limit the jurisdiction of military courts to […]