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Sri Lanka; United Nations: Human Rights Council to Investigate Alleged War Crimes Committed During Civil War

(Apr. 4, 2014) On March 27, 2014, the United Nations Human Rights Council voted to start an investigation into war crimes that may have occurred during Sri Lanka’s 25-year civil war, which ended in 2009. (UN Rights Council Approves Inquiry into Alleged Abuses in Sri Lanka War, UN NEWS CENTRE (Mar. 27, 2014).) The inquiry […]

Sri Lanka: Call for War Crimes Investigation

(Feb. 27, 2014) On February 24, 2014, Navanetham Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR), called for an inquiry into the possibility that the two sides in Sri Lanka’s civil war both committed war crimes. The war, which went on for 25 years, ended in May 2009. (Stephen Adelgren, UN Rights Chief […]

Sri Lanka: Agreement Seeks to Address Climate Change Impact

(Dec. 31, 2013) In December 2013, Sri Lanka and the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) signed an agreement designed to help some Sri Lankan residents in farming communities. The agreement, “Addressing Climate Change Impacts on Marginalized Agricultural Communities Living in the Mahaweli River Basin of Sri Lanka,” aims to help build diversified and resilient […]

Sri Lanka: Food Safety Measures Approved

(Sept. 5, 2013) It was announced on August 29, 2013, that Sri Lanka’s Cabinet has approved a set of measures designed to make imported food safe for consumers. The immediate concern is the contamination of imported milk powder with dicyandiamide (DCD), a chemical used in agriculture, and of whey protein concentrate with the bacteria clostridium […]

Sri Lanka: Government Drafting Constitutional Amendment

(May 17, 2013) It was reported in early May 2013 that the Government of Sri Lanka is now drafting a constitutional amendment to reduce the terms of office of the President and the Chief Justice to five years each, instead of the current six years for the President and unlimited term, to age 65, for […]

Sri Lanka: Plan to Amend Electricity Act

(Apr. 1, 2013) The major opposition party in Sri Lanka has criticized what it views as a flawed attempt by the government to amend the country’s Electricity Act. (Sri Lanka Electricity Act, No. 20 of 2009, GAZETTE OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA (Apr. 8, 2009); Proposed Amendment to Electricity Act Will Leave […]

Sri Lanka: Foreigners to Be Banned from Purchasing Property

(Feb. 27, 2013) Sri Lanka’s Cabinet of Ministers has recently approved moves to change regulations under the State Lands Ordinance, and introduced amendments to the Notaries Ordinance and the Registration of Documents Ordinance, designed to prohibit the sale or transfer of real estate to foreigners. The ban will apply to both state and privately owned […]

India; Sri Lanka: Talks on an Agreement to Strengthen Nuclear Cooperation

(Oct. 16, 2012) On October 12, 2012, in New Delhi, India and Sri Lanka began talks on enhancing their cooperation in the field of civil nuclear technology. The two nations agreed to work for the peaceful use of nuclear power, to improve the lives of their citizens. The discussions covered the concerns expressed by Sri […]

China; Sri Lanka: Sixteen New Agreements Concluded

(Sept. 25, 2012) Wu Bangguo, the Chairman of China’s National People’s Congress Standing Committee, visited Sri Lanka September 15-18, 2012. Following his meetings with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the two countries signed 16 new agreements. The agreements cover a wide range of topics, with some focusing on infrastructure development in such areas as transportation, […]

Sri Lanka: Plan in Place to Revise Immigration Law

(Sept. 11, 2012) The Government of Sri Lanka is planning to revise the country’s 2006 immigration law, with the goal of curtailing illegal smuggling of migrants. A draft law has been prepared based on the recommendations of a committee made up of members from the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the office of the Attorney General. […]