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Rwanda: ICTR Convicts Former High Ranking Rwandan Officers

(May 20, 2011) On May 17, 2011, the Tanzania-based International Criminal Court for Rwanda (ICTR) convicted four former high-ranking officers in the Rwandan army and police: Augustin Bizimungu (former chief of staff of the Rwandan Army), Augustin Ndindiliyimana (former chief of staff of Gendarmerie nationale, a force that replaced the Rwandan police as the enforcer […]

Rwanda: Businessman Convicted of Genocide

(Nov. 12, 2010) On November 1, 2010, Gaspard Kanyarukiga was convicted of supervising the massacre of 2,000 Rwandans in 1994. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) found Kanyarukiga, a former businessman, guilty of genocide and extermination as a crime against humanity for his role in the killing of Tutsi civilians who had taken shelter […]

Rwanda: Genocide Ideology Law Being Reviewed

(Aug. 20, 2010) Rwanda's government has invited the non-governmental organizations Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to comment on the three-year-old genocide ideology law that is at present under review. The two human rights groups have been critical of Rwanda, complaining that the government is attempting to silence opposition voices through the use of punishment […]

Rwanda: Bills on Banning Smoking and Legalizing Medical Marijuana

(June 15, 2010) On June 7, 2010, Dr. Richard Sezibera the Minister of Health, introduced a bill on banning smoking in public places to the Rwandan Parliament for floor action. (Edwin Musoni, Anti-Smoking Bill Goes to Parliament, THE NEW TIMES, June 8, 2010, available at The bill would forbid smoking in public places and […]

Rwanda: Government Drafting Law to Improve Working Conditions for Women

(May 20, 2010) It was reported on May 14, 2010, that the Ministry of Public Services and Labor (MIFOTRA) of Rwanda is in the process of drafting a new law which, if passed, will put in place safeguards to protect pregnant and breast-feeding women from exposure to unsafe work conditions and unfair treatment in the […]

Rwanda: Supreme Court to Undertake Major Procedural Reforms

(Oct. 30, 2009) It was reported on October 26, 2009, that the Rwandan Ministry of Justice proposed a bill to the Parliament on what type of cases may be brought before the country's Supreme Court. During the presentation, Tharcise Karugarama, the Justice Minister, told Parliament that the bill was necessitated in order to find a […]

Rwanda: Reproductive Health Bill Provisions on Sterilization, Mandatory HIV Testing Decried

(July 7, 2009) A draft reproductive health bill currently under consideration by a committee of the Rwandan Parliament calls for forcible sterilization of the mentally disabled and includes “three particularly troublesome provisions” on HIV testing, according to a Human Rights Watch (HRW) statement issued on July 1, 2009. The bill mandates that the government “suspend […]

Burundi; Rwanda: Possible Switch of Legal Tradition

(June 4, 2009) Rwanda/Burundi: Possible Switch of Legal Tradition It was reported on June 2, 2009, that as part of establishing an East African political federation, which will also include the rest of the East African Community (EAC) Member States – Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, whose legal systems are based on the common law tradition […]

Rwanda: Labor Law Modified

(May 11, 2009) It was reported on May 5, 2009, that, after a prolonged debate, the Rwandan Chamber of Deputies passed a bill that modifies the labor law adopted in 2001. The change prolongs the possible working hours from 40 to 45 per week in all government departments, but leaves it to employers and employees […]

Rwanda; United Kingdom: Extradition Disallowed by British Court

(Apr. 16, 2009) On April 7, 2009, the High Court of London refused to allow the extradition of four suspects – three former mayors in southern Rwanda (Emmanuel Nteziryayo, Celestin Ugirashebuja, and Charles Munyaneza) and one alleged militia leader (Vincent Bajinya) – wanted in Rwanda for crimes they allegedly committed in the 1994 genocide in […]