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Peru: Law Sets Conditions for Transfer and Service of Sentences of Foreigners

(Feb. 2, 2009) Law No. 29305, signed by President Alan García Pérez of Peru on December 21, 2008, amends articles 542(e) and 544(2) of the new Code of Criminal Procedure (Legislative Decree No. 957) concerning conditions for the transfer and service of sentences of foreigners. The condition listed in article 542(e) requires provisions of the […]

Peru: Protection from Domestic Violence

(Jan. 5, 2009) On November 25, 2008, the Peruvian Congress amended existing laws to provide greater protections for victims of domestic violence. Law No. 29282, enacted after the incorporation of observations submitted by President Alan Garcia Perez, amends the Criminal Code and the revised text of Law No. 26260 on protection from domestic violence. The […]

Peru: Vehicle Safety

(Nov. 25, 2008) Law No. 29259, promulgated by Peru's President Alan Garcia Perez on September 13, 2008, amends articles 24 and 26 of Law No. 27181, the General Law on Transportation and Ground Transit of Peru. The amended article 24.2 deals with administrative liability for violations of the Law. The owner of a vehicle and, […]

Peru: Joint Custody Determinations

(Nov. 24, 2008) On October 16, 2008, Peru's President Alan Garcia Perez promulgated Law No. 29269, amending articles 81 and 84 of the Code of the Child and the Adolescent to incorporate a provision dealing with joint custody. The new version of article 81 states that when the parents are “de facto” (actually) separated, the […]

Peru: Acquired Legal Capacity of Minors

(Nov. 24, 2008) Law No. 29274, promulgated by Peru's President Alan Garcia Perez on October 27, 2008, amends article 46 of the Civil Code concerning the legal capacity of minors, to authorize the acquisition of legal capacity by marriage or official title. Article 46 now states that the incapacity of persons older than 16 years […]

Peru: Crimes Against Copyright and Against the Environment

(Oct. 22, 2008) On October 1, 2008, President Alan Garcia Perez of Peru promulgated Law 29263, which amends several articles of the Criminal Code as well as several articles of the General Law on the Environment. The amended articles of the Criminal Code are on copyright. They deal with penalties for the reproduction, publication, distribution, […]

Peru: Anti-Drug Effort Jurisdiction and Drug Registry

(Sept. 16, 2008) On July 8, 2008, President Alan Garcia Perez of Peru promulgated Law No. 29251, amending Law No. 28303 on the supervision of chemical ingredients and controlled products. The Law specifies those entities that have the authority to control and supervise material that can be used in the production of drugs and creates […]

Peru: Promotion of the Organic or Ecological Production

(Mar. 2, 2008) Law No. 29196 promulgated on January 24, 2008 adopts provisions to promote the sustainable and competitive development of organic or ecological production in Peru. The specific objectives of this Law are to: encourage and promote the organic production to overcome poverty; provide food guaranty and the conservation of ecosystems and biological diversity; […]

Peru: Prohibition of Access to Minors to Pornographic Web Pages

(Mar. 2, 2008) Law No. 29139, promulgated on November 30, 2007, amends the title and articles 1, 2 and 3 of Law 28119, concerning prohibition of access by minors to web pages containing pornographic content, to chat forums, and to any other type of communication over internet involving pornographic subject matter and/or information considered a […]

Peru: Loss of Parental Rights and Duties

(Mar. 2, 2008) Law No. 19194 of January 24, 2008 amends article 177 and adds article 181-B to the Criminal Code concerning loss of the "Patria potestas" (parental rights and duties). The new versions of these articles incorporate aggravating circumstances in the conduct of parents and custodians of children including sexual offenses and trafficking of […]