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Finland; Norway: Agreement on Removing Radioactive Batteries

(Nov. 19, 2009) In mid-November 2009, Norway and Finland signed an agreement in which they committed to cooperation with Russia on removing radioactive batteries from the Baltic Sea. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in Helsinki, Finland, by Norweigan Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and Finnish Foreign Minister Alexander Stubb. The two countries will work […]

Norway; Scotland: Memorandum on Aquaculture Signed

(Aug. 25, 2009) On August 17, 2009, Norway and Scotland signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Aquaculture. The document was signed in Trondheim, Norway, by the Scottish Environment Minister, Roseanna Cunningham, and the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Helga Pedersen. The document focuses on environmental sustainability, access to finance and insurance, collaboration […]

Norway; United Kingdom: Economic Zones Agreement

(May 14, 2009) On April 30, 2009, Norway and the United Kingdom concluded an agreement on the boundary between the economic zones of the two nations. Since 1977, when Norway established an economic zone and the U.K. delineated a fishery zone, the dividing line for the continental shelf as measured in 1965 has been used […]

Norway: Immigration Policy Influenced by Female Genital Mutilation Risk

(May 1, 2009) It was reported in the Norwegian press on April 18, 2009, that the country's Immigration Appeals Board (UNE) has reversed 50 Directorate of Immigration (UDI)refusals of asylum for African families with girls. Most of the asylum seekers were from Somalia or Eritrea. UDI is the central government body in charge of aliens […]

Norway: Same-Sex Marriage Approved

(July 2, 2008) On June 17, 2008, the Norwegian parliament, the Storting, approved legislation permitting same-sex marriage that will come into force on January 1, 2009. The bill had been proposed by the parliamentary Standing Committee on Family and Cultural Affairs and had previously been passed by the lower house on a vote of 84-41; […]

Norway: New Hazardous Waste Strategy

(June 2, 2008) On April 21, 2008, Norway's Pollution Control Authority (Statens forurensningstilsyn, or SFT) announced that it is considering amending chapter 11 of the Waste Regulations (930/2004) “to improve opportunities for households to dispose of hazardous waste and to make collection targets legally binding.” The SFT also stated that it may revise the rules […]