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Nigeria: Bill Prohibiting Same-Sex Marriage Moves Forward

(Dec. 26, 2013) On December 17, 2013, the Nigerian Senate unanimously adopted a Conference Committee report on the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Bill, 2011, bringing the bill one step closer to enactment. (Senate Passes Harmonised Report on Same Sex Marriage Bill, THIS DAY LIVE (Dec. 18, 2013).) Aimed at criminalizing same-sex marriages and civil unions, […]

Nigeria: Federal Government Adopts Draft Policy to Eradicate Child Labor

(Sept. 24, 2013) The Government of Nigeria has adopted a draft policy to address the child labor issues that affect over six million children in the country. (Talatu Usman, Nigeria Adopts Draft National Policy on Child Labour, PREMIUM TIMES (Sept. 11, 2013).) According to the Federal Minister of Labour and Productivity, Chukwuemeka Ngozichineke Wogu, who […]

Cameroon; Nigeria: Bakassi Peninsula Transition Completed

(Aug. 23, 2013) On August 15, 2013, the United Nations Security Council issued a statement welcoming the peaceful end two days earlier of the special transitional regime that had been established for the Bakassi Peninsula. (Press Release, Security Council Press Statement on Bakassi Peninsula Developments, SC/11094 AFR/2680 (Aug. 15, 2013).) The peninsula, which is rich […]

Nigeria: Supreme Court Upholds Bini Customary Law System of Primogeniture

(Apr. 24, 2013) On April 19, 2013, the Nigerian Supreme Court, in a unanimous decision, upheld the principle of primogeniture under the Bini customary law of succession in which the eldest son is entitled to inherit the family’s principal house, known as Igiogbe. (Adelanwa Bamgboye et al., SC Re-Affirms Bini Succession Law, DAILY TRUST (Apr. […]

Nigeria: Government Ordered to Pay Local Community

(Feb. 26, 2013) Nigeria’s Federal High Court (FHC) ruled on February 19, 2013, that the federal government must pay 37.6 billion Nigerian naira (about US$240 million) to the community in the town of Odi. (Odi Invasion: Court Orders FG to Pay N37.6bn, VANGUARD (Feb. 19, 2013); Welcome to the Federal High Court Nigeria, FHC website […]

Nigeria: New Transfer Pricing Regulations Adopted

(Nov. 23, 2012) Nigeria announced new Transfer Pricing Regulations on October 22, 2012, applicable retroactively to August 2, 2012. (Catherine Mutava, Nigeria: New Transfer Pricing Regulations Introduced, TAX NEWS SERVICE (Nov. 14, 2012), International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation online subscription database.) According to the Tax Justice Network, transfer pricing is established when “two related companies […]

Nigeria: Senate Adopts Bill Prohibiting Same-Sex Marriage

(Nov. 30, 2011) On November 29, 2011, the upper house of Nigeria's National Assembly adopted the Same Gender Marriage (Prohibition) Bill, a proposal that aims to criminalize same-sex marriage. (Ademola Adebayo, Senate Outlaws Same Sex Marriage … Offenders to Get up to 14-Year Jail Term, DAILY TRUST (Nov. 29, 2011).) To take effect, the bill […]

Nigeria: House of Representatives to Consider Legislation on Appointment of Ministers

(Nov. 14, 2011) On November 8, 2011, it was reported that the lower house of Nigeria's National Assembly will review legislation, the Confirmation of Ministerial Nominees (Procedure) Bill, 2011, aimed at compelling the President to clearly state the specific responsibilities of nominees for ministerial positions when referring them to the Senate for confirmation. (Ibanga Isine, […]

Nigeria: Senate Considering Legislation to Criminalize Same-Sex Marriage

(Oct. 4, 2011) The 109-member Nigerian Senate is considering a draft law, the Same Gender Marriage (Prohibition) Bill, aimed at criminalizing same-sex marriage. The draft passed a second reading on September 27, 2011, and was sent to the Standing Committee on Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Matters and to the Committee on Health and Interior. […]

Nigeria: Amputation Imposed as Sentence for Theft

(Sept. 13, 2011) On September 8, 2011, a Shariah court in Nigeria's northern, predominately Muslim region sentenced two men to amputation for theft. The sentence of amputation at the right wrist was given to the men for stealing a bull worth about 130,000 naira (about US$867). The two young men, Auwalu Abubaka, age 23, and […]