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Mongolia: Extension of Temporary Suspension of Granting of Mineral Exploration Licenses

(Feb. 17, 2011) It was reported on February 11, 2011, that the Mongolian Parliament has approved legislation on mining, initiated by the country's President, Tsakhia Elbegdorj, extending the term of application of the law on temporary suspension of new mineral exploration licenses for another couple of months, to April 30, 2011. A draft version of […]

Mongolia: Constitutional Amendment Procedures to Be Discussed by Parliament

(Dec. 28, 2010) It was reported on December 10, 2010, that the unicameral Mongolian Parliament has agreed to further debate draft procedures on amending the country's Constitution, after its Standing Committee on the State Structure has discussed them. Nine legislators began consideration of draft procedures a year ago, aided by a working group that studied […]

Mongolia: Provisions on Ninja Mining

(Dec. 23, 2010) It was reported on December 10, 2010, that Mongolia's Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy has been instructed to implement the government's order to regulate artisanal or “ninja” mining. Ninja mining is wildcat or unauthorized small-scale mining, typically by hand, so called because the miners wear their green plastic pans on their […]

Mongolia: Issuance of Mining Licenses Temporarily Suspended Pending Adoption of New Law

(May 18, 2010) It was reported on May 10, 2010, that Mongolia's National Security Council had the previous week partially amended President Ts. Elbegdorj's April 20, 2010, order temporarily suspending all transactions involving mining licenses. Although new licenses still cannot be issued, the NSC order of amendment allows licenses to be transferred from one owner […]

Mongolia: New Restrictions on Reporters’ Access to Main Government Building

(Dec. 3, 2009) It was reported on August 5, 2009, that Colonel G. Lhagvasuren, the security head for Mongolia's Government House, the site of the country's parliament and government, had explained to journalists at a press conference on August 4 new rules restricting their movement inside the building. Lhagvasuren contended that the rules do not […]

Mongolia: Amnesty Law Adopted

(Aug. 4, 2009) The Mongolian Parliament approved an amnesty law on July 9, 2009, which entered into force on July 11 and was in force until July 30. It covered those who committed crimes before June 24. (Mongolian Presidential Amnesty to Benefit 2,000,, July 16, 2009, Open Source Center No. CEP20090716950089.) The country’s new […]

Mongolia: Law Bans Mining Near Water Sources

(Aug. 4, 2009) It was reported on July 21, 2009, that the Mongolian Parliament had passed a law to prohibit mining exploration in forest areas and in areas adjoining river basins. Studies have reportedly shown that in the last decade nearly 1,200 lakes and almost 2,800 streams and rivers have dried up in the aftermath […]

Mongolia: Parliament Urges Mining Plan

(Dec. 11, 2008) On December 4, 2008, Mongolia's parliament passed a resolution asking President Nambaryn Enkhbayar to report by February 2009 on progress in negotiations over development of two mining sites. The action gave approval to re-opening talks with companies interested in copper and gold mines at Oyu Tolgoi and a coal mine at Tavan […]

Mongolia: Trials Underway for Those Arrested in Riots

(Oct. 14, 2008) Courts in Mongolia have started to hear the cases of the 182 people charged with crimes in connection with July 1, 2008, riots in the country's capital city, Ulaanbaatar. The disorder had followed allegations of election fraud. Four district courts are trying 26 cases, covering 115 of the defendants. In one case […]