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Kenya: Parliament Considering Limited Partnership Bill

(Apr. 6, 2011) It was reported on April 2, 2011, that Kenya's Parliament is considering the Limited Partnership Bill 2010, which seeks to repeal and replace the Limited Partnership Act of 1934. (Peter Kiragu, New Bill to Replace Limited Partnership Act in Place (Apr. 2, 2011), NAIROBI STAR.) The bill makes a notable departure from […]

Kenya: Comprehensive Bill Before Parliament Criminalizing Female Genital Mutilation

(Apr. 5, 2011) It was reported on March 31, 2011, that Kenya's Parliament is considering the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Bill, 2010, which criminalizes the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM). (Kapondi Authors Law to Criminalise Female Cut, THE STANDARD (Mar. 31, 2011).) The bill was sent to the Departmental Committee on Health after […]

Kenya: Controversy over Proposed Media Law

(Feb. 16, 2011) The members of the journalist community in Kenya have raised concerns about a Media Bill 2010 proposed by the Minister for Information and Communication, Raphael Tuju, which would make changes to the existing media laws in the country. They call the proposal “many steps back,” pointing to the limits on industry self-regulation […]

Kenya: Constitutionality of Government Memo Imposing Racial Profiling Challenged

(Jan. 20, 2011) It was reported on January 13, 2011, that the High Court in Mombasa is looking into the constitutionality of a government-issued confidential internal memo which calls for Kenyan Muslims and Kenyans of Arab or Asian descent to be made subject to more vetting procedures than usually imposed in the application process for […]

Kenya: Violence Against Women Rising

(Dec. 15, 2010) It was reported on December 10, 2010, that violence against women is rising in the western part of Kenya. Between January of 2009 and June of 2010, the Children's Department in the area reported 300 cases of sexual abuse (Catholic Information Service for Africa, Kenya: Violence Against Women on Increase in Kuria […]

Kenya: Alleged Somali Pirates Acquitted for Lack of Evidence

(Nov. 12, 2010) It was reported on November 5, 2010, that a Kenyan magistrate found not guilty 17 Somalis who had been accused of piracy in connection with an attack against the MV Amira, an Egyptian-flagged ship, in May 2009. The Mombasa court ruled that the prosecution had not proved its case beyond a reasonable […]

Kenya: Court Rules Kenya Lacks Jurisdiction over Offenses Committed on High Seas

(Nov. 12, 2010) On November 9, 2010, the Kenyan High Court, Mombasa Division, terminated for want of jurisdiction a lower court's criminal case against nine Somali citizens charged with piracy. The individuals allegedly attacked the MV Courier in the high seas of the Indian Ocean on March 3, 2009 (Eunice Machuhi, Court Deals Bow to […]

Kenya; Zambia: Judiciaries Turn to Technology to Improve Efficiency

(Oct. 7, 2010) It was recently reported that as part of a project to modernize the judiciary and automate certain court activities in Zambia, 30,000 court records have been digitized and certain court staff received training in managing court cases using computerized systems (Judiciary Goes Digital, TIMES OF ZAMBIA (Oct. 5, 2010), Terry Musonda, […]

Kenya: “Poison Brew” Legalized

(Sept. 17, 2010) It was reported on September 7, 2010, that Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki has signed into law the Alcoholic Drinks Control Bill, 2009 (the law), which seeks to dramatically shift Kenya's policy on the regulation of production, sale, and consumption of chang'aa. (Kenya Signs Alcohol Bill into Law,IMANI CENTER FOR POLICY AND EDUCATION […]

Kenya: President Vetoes Bill on Price Controls

(Sept. 15, 2010) It was reported on September 1, 2010, that the Kenyan President refused to assent to the Price Control (Essential Goods) Bill, which seeks to authorize the Minister of Finance to set prices of essential goods and criminalize the buying or selling of goods for prices above those set by the Minister (John […]