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Italy: Burqa Ban Provision Approved by Parliamentary Committee

(Aug. 11, 2011) On August 2, 2011, the Italian Parliament's Constitutional Affairs Committee approved a draft law banning women from wearing full-face veils in public. The ban includes the burqa, a full-body covering in a dark fabric that leaves only a mesh screen opening for the eyes, and the niqab, which also covers the whole […]

Italy: Government Approves Austerity Package

(July 20, 2011) The Italian government approved an austerity package on July 15, 2011, aimed at achieving a balanced budget in 2014. It is reported to include budget cuts of €48 billion (about US$67 billion) over three years. (Emanuela Santoro, Austerity Package Approved by Government, TNS ONLINE (July 18, 2011), International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation […]

Italy: Measure to Counter Foreign Takeovers

(May 10, 2011) On March 31, 2011, Italy issued a decree that established a national fund to acquire equity in companies in key industries if those companies are threatened with takeovers by foreign businesses. The measure was advocated by Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti following the acquisition in March 2011 of a 29% interest in the […]

European Court of Human Rights; Italy: Crucifixes Allowed in Schools

(Apr. 7, 2011) The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR), in Strasbourg, handed down a decision on March 18, 2011, on the controversy over the presence of crucifixes in schools. As the headline of the Italian newspaper IL GIORNALE summed up the ruling, “Crucifixes in Schools, Italy Wins the Fight; Does Not Violate Human Rights.” […]

Italy: Renewable Energy Law Adopted

(Mar. 25, 2011) The Italian government adopted on March 3, 2011, a legislative decree implementing the European Union's Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC. The effective date of the decree, Il decreto legislativo sulla promozione dell'uso dell'energia da fonti rinnovabili, will be the date of its publication in the country's official gazette. The new legislation covers such […]

Italy: State of Emergency over Tunisian Refugees

(Feb. 22, 2011) Italy has declared a state of emergency following the arrival, within five days, of 5,000 refugees from Tunisia on the small Italian island of Lampedusa, which is just 60 miles from Tunisia in the Mediterranean Sea. A center for receiving migrants has been re-opened on the island, but it is already overcrowded. […]

Italy: Urgent Measures on Security Matters

(Feb. 15, 2011) Italy's Decree-Law No. 187 of November 12, 2010, adopted Misure urgenti in materia di sicurezza (Urgent Measures on Security Matters). The new measures deal with security for sports events; strengthen actions to be taken against organized crime, and include provisionson the functioning of the Ministry of the Interior, among other provisions. (Decree-Law […]

Italy: Constitutional Court Strikes Down Parts of Immunity Law

(Feb. 11, 2011) On January 13, 2011, Italy's Constitutional Court struck down parts of a law supported by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi that would have given him and his Ministers temporary immunity from criminal charges while they remain in office. As passed by the country's Senate in March 2010, Law No. 51 of April 7, […]

Italy: Video-Sharing Sites to Be Viewed by the Law as Television Broadcasters

(Jan. 13, 2011) The Italian Communications Authority (ITA) ruled on December 28, 2010, that in the eyes of the law video-sharing sites such as YouTube (a subsidiary of Google Inc.) should be considered television broadcasters. This means that “the sites could be liable under slander and privacy laws and obligated to follow the same programming […]

Italy: Decision in CIA Kidnapping Case

(Dec. 22, 2010) < On December 15, 2010, the Appeals Court in Milan, Italy, rendered a decision in the case of the kidnapping of Abu Omar. Omar was alleged to have been an extremist imam from a mosque in Milan who was taken from Italy to Egypt, via the Ramstein U.S. Air Force Base in […]