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Greece: Government Introduces New Special Tax on Real Estate

(Sept. 22, 2011) In order to deal with the ongoing financial crisis in Greece, the Greek government has imposed a number of austerity measures in an effort to increase revenues. On September 16, 2011, an amendment was introduced in the Parliament that will impose a special surtax on real estate.(Amendment for Special Tax on Real […]

Greece: Firing of Employee for Surfing on Internet at Work

(Apr. 19, 2011) On April 19, 2011, the District Court of Athens upheld the decision of an airline company that had fired a female employee for visiting the social networking website “Facebook” for extended periods of time during working hours. The employee was working on a contract basis, and, according to testimony, she was spending […]

Greece: New Proposal on Fighting Racism and Xenophobia

(Mar. 7, 2011) The Ministry of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights in Greece published on its website a new legislative initiative on combating certain types of racism and xenophobia through the application of criminal law, with a view to soliciting public consultation on the initiative during the period of February 22 to March 3, 2011. […]

Greece: Update on Greece’s Economic Reform

(Feb. 25, 2011) On February 11, 2011, members of the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), or the “troika,” as the three bodies are often called, concluded a two-week visit to Athens to conduct their third review of the Greek government's economic program. To assist Greece in recovering from […]

Greece: New Bill on Tax Evasion and Measures to Assist Greek Economy

(Jan. 31, 2011) On January 25, 2011, the Greek Ministry of Finance submitted to the legislature a new, much-anticipated tax bill, which aims, through the adoption of a number of significant initiatives, to improve and revive the ailing economy, reorganize public services, and impose tougher sanctions against tax evasion. The bill is open for consultation […]

Greece: Draft Law on Compensation of Victims of Intentional Violence

(Dec. 3, 2009) On November 26, 2009, the Greek Minister of Justice, Transparency, and Human Rights introduced a new law in order to transpose into the Greek legal system European Directive 2004/80/EC. The purpose of the proposed law is to offer compensation to those individuals who are subject to intentional crimes of violence that are […]

Greece: Data Protection and Google Street View

(May 15, 2009) Street View, a service offered by Google to its users in the United States and in some countries in the European Union two years ago, was greeted with skepticism in Greece in view of its possible intrusion on the privacy rights of citizens. Based on Street View, users are able to zoom […]

Greece: Draft Legislation to Promote Employment of Young Adults

(Mar. 23, 2009) In Greece, young adults up to 30 years of age are encountering serious problems in finding employment commensurate with their professional qualifications and expertise. The unemployment rate for this age group was over 22 percent in 2007, the highest unemployment rate among the Member States of the European Union for this age […]

Greece: Common Law Marriage

(Apr. 2, 2008) The Greek government's plan to introduce a bill that would grant more rights to unmarried couples recently met with strong opposition from the Greek Orthodox Church and from homosexuals. The bill would place "common law" relationships on the same footing as those based on a civil or a religious ceremony. Unmarried couples […]

Greece: Early Retirement and Removal of Judges from the Judiciary

(Feb. 2, 2008) Under the Greek Constitution, judges are appointed for life, with a mandatory retirement age of 65 for all judges up to the rank of Court of Appeals Judge or Court of Appeals Deputy Prosecutor. For those of a higher rank, retirement is mandatory at 67. A new law on the early voluntary […]