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Argentina: Law Forbidding Pardons of Crimes Against Humanity

(Aug. 7, 2015) On July 1, 2015, Argentina’s Senate passed legislation that forbids pardons, amnesties, and the commutations of sentences for crimes against humanity. It became law with all the Senate political parties voting in favor of it. (Sancionaron Ley que Prohibe Indultos, Amnistias y Conmutación de Penas para Delitos de Lesa Humanidad [Law Prohibiting […]

Chile: Congress Approves Civil Unions Legislation

(Feb. 25, 2015) On January 28, 2015, both houses of Chile’s Congress approved legislation that would allow same-sex and heterosexual couples to enter into civil unions, called Acuerdos de Unión Civil (AUC). The draft law is now awaiting President Michele Bachelet’s signature for promulgation. (Pablo Cádiz, Proyecto de Unión Civil Finaliza Su Trámite Legislativo y […]

Argentina: Reform of Code of Criminal Procedure

(Dec. 16, 2014) On December, 4, 2014, a proposal to reform the Code of Criminal Procedure, submitted to the legislature by the Executive branch of Argentina, was passed by the Congress. It passed mainly on the basis of the votes of the President’s party; the opposition voted almost unanimously against it. (Es Ley el Nuevo […]

Ecuador: Proposed Reform of Labor Code

(Dec. 12, 2014) Ecuador’s Executive branch has proposed amending the Labor Code to add a classification of types of work and specification of rights and obligations according to the different work activities. (En el Borrador de Código Laboral constan nuevas formas de empleo, EL UNIVERSO (May 9, 2014).) The new work classification includes the following: […]

Uruguay: New Law Bans Ownership of Agricultural Land by Companies Owned by Foreign Governments

(Dec. 12, 2014) The Government of Uruguay promulgated Law No. 19,283 on October 7, 2014 to ban the ownership of rural land or farms by businesses that are owned in whole or in part by foreign governments. (Tierras con Fines de Explotación Agropecuaria – Prohíbe la Compra y Tenencia a Empresas Extranjeras o a las […]

Spain: Criminal Sanctions for Foreign Fighters and Anti-Terrorism Measures Under Consideration

(Oct. 16, 2014) The government is considering an amendment to the Penal Code that would make it a crime of terrorism to participate and fight in armed conflicts abroad on behalf of groups considered to be illegal militias. (Miguel González, El Gobierno Estudia Castigar como Delito el Combatir en el Extranjero, EL PAIS (Sept. 16, […]

Spain: Government Withdraws Proposed Legislation Amending Abortion Law

(Oct. 16, 2014) On September 23, 2014, Spain’s Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy, confirmed the withdrawal of a proposal submitted by the government to amend the country’s 2010 abortion legislation, because the government did not have the consensus needed to pass the amendment. (Rajoy Confirma la Retirada de la Ley del Aborto de Gallardón, ABC.ES (Sept. […]

Bolivia: Code of Children and Adolescents Amended to Allow Ten-Year Olds to Work

(July 8, 2014) On June 26, 2014, the Bolivian Congress approved an amendment to the Code of the Child and Adolescent (Código del Nino, Nina y Adolescente (Oct. 27, 1999), UNICEF website) that will include an exception to the general minimum age of 14 to be able to work, allowing children ten years old and […]

Spain: Government Amends Citizens Safety Bill

(June 6, 2014) Spain’s government has decided to make changes to controversial legislation that amends the Citizen Safety Law. The amending legislation was subjected to intense criticism from the opposition and members of civil society groups. (Anteproyecto de Ley Orgánica para la Protección de la Seguridad Ciudadana, Ministry of the Interior website (Nov. 2013) [the […]

Argentina: Proposal to Reform the Criminal Code

(Apr. 25, 2014) In March 2014, the Government of Argentina concluded a draft reform of the Penal Code (PC). (Cómo es el Proyecto Encargado por el Poder Ejecutivo para Reformar el Código Penal, INFOBAE (Mar. 3, 2014).) Proposed amendments to the PC include the reduction of prison sentences for a number of crimes such as […]