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United Kingdom: Large Part of UK DNA Database Must Be Destroyed

(Dec. 17, 2008) The European Court of Human Rights ruled on December 4, 2008, that the British police must destroy fingerprints and DNA profiles of individuals arrested but not convicted of any crimes that are stored in its National DNA Database. The National DNA Database, described by the Home Office as a “key police intelligence […]

England and Wales: Parents Will Not Be Prosecuted for Son’s Suicide

(Dec. 17, 2008) The Director of Public Prosecutions in England and Wales has made the decision, issued on December 9, 2008, not to prosecute the parents of a 23-year-old paralyzed man who accompanied him to Switzerland to a suicide clinic. The parents faced prosecution in England for aiding and abetting a suicide; under the Suicide […]

United Kingdom: Chagos Islanders Prohibited from Returning Home amid Diego Garcia Security Concerns

(Oct. 24, 2008) The House of Lords, the highest court in the United Kingdom, has overturned a ruling that permitted islanders removed from the Chagos Islands (now known as the British Indian Ocean Territory) in the 1960s to return home. The Islanders were removed as part of an agreement between the UK and the United […]

United Kingdom: Icelandic Banks’; UK Firms' Assets Frozen in Response to Bank Collapse

(Oct. 17, 2008) The collapse of several of Iceland's banks has led to a highly charged diplomatic dispute and intensive negotiations between Icelandic and British authorities. A delegation of British Treasury officials was in Iceland over the weekend of October 10, 2008, to attempt to resolve the issue. The failed Icelandic banks reportedly hold over […]

United Kingdom: Competition Laws Waived to Allow Bank Merger

(Oct. 17, 2008) The Government of the United Kingdom is currently in the process of amending its competition laws to facilitate the proposed merger of two large banking establishments in the UK, Lloyds TSB and Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS). On September 17, 2008, the Secretary of State for Business and Enterprise issued an Intervention […]

Malta: Government Accused of Concealing Tuna Exports

(Sept. 2, 2008) It was reported on August 17, 2008, that the Maltese government has been accused of concealing its true export figures of bluefin tuna, amounting to an alleged discrepancy in value of over €100 million (approximately US$147 million) above the amount the country might normally gain from such exports. International conservation groups deem […]

England and Wales: Compensation for Rape Victims Reduced Due to Drinking as Contributing Factor

(Sept. 2, 2008) The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, a body responsible for administering the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme in England and Wales, recently reduced the amount of compensation awarded to 14 victims of rape. The Authority claimed that the women's “excessive consumption of alcohol” was a contributing factor in the rapes and that the compensation […]

United Kingdom: Ruling Opens the Door for Families of Deceased Troops to Sue the Military

(Aug. 26, 2008) A High Court ruling of April 11, 2008, on the conduct of inquests into the deaths of soldiers serving overseas has paved the way for families of British troops killed in action due to faulty equipment to sue the government. The ruling notes that the army has a broad duty of care […]

United Kingdom: Commons Passes Pre-Charge Detention Bill

(July 2, 2008) On June 11, 2008, a bill to extend the time period that terrorist suspects can be held without charge to gather evidence for criminal cases was passed by a narrow majority in the House of Commons. The counter-terrorism bill extends the period of pre-charge detention from 28 days to 42. The extension […]

United Kingdom: Terrorist Loses US Extradition Appeal

(July 2, 2008) A controversial Muslim cleric, Abu Hamza, currently imprisoned in the United Kingdom for stirring up racial hatred, recently had his appeal against extradition to the United States rejected by the English High Court. Hamza was the first person to be arrested under the Anglo-American extradition treaty and is sought in the United […]