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World Trade Organization: Hyperlinked Map of Disputes Between Members

(June 11, 2009) The World Trade Organization has recently posted on its website an interactive map that depicts disputes between its member states. The top of the webpage shows a list of highlight-able choices among types of member-state involvement in disputes: as complainant, respondent, or either. The accompanying map shows member-state areas of the world in a color range of whitish pink to red, to indicate the range in the number of disputes (0-100), and non-member-state areas in gray; the United States is bright red.

The user can click on a region of the world to highlight a given member state, to see the WTO disputes in which it is involved; alternatively, there is a drop-down box from which a country selection can be made. For example, clicking on the China area of the map, with the choice of “either,” causes lines in red (complainant) and blue (respondent) linking it to the other member state to pop up. A boxed number where the respective state is located shows that China is a complainant in four cases against the United States, and a respondent in seven cases brought by the United States, among cases brought by other member states. Clicking on the box brings up the details of the cases.

The webpage also includes hyperlinks to enable the user to access dispute documents, a chronological list of disputes, lists of disputes by country and by subject, and GATT disputes. (Map of Disputes Between WTO Members, (last visited June 5, 2009).)