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Venezuela: Congress Approves Constitutional Reforms Proposed by the President

(Nov. 2, 2007) On October 23, 2007, the National Assembly of Venezuela approved an increase in powers for the president of the republic as part of a constitutional reform in progress.

Among the new presidential powers included in the reform, are the following:

To create or suppress federal provinces, federal territories, federal cities, operational districts, federal municipalities, maritime regions, strategic regions and insular districts and communal cities [and] to designate and remove their authorities.

In addition, the leader will be able to remove his vice-president, to appoint vice-presidents to govern the new regions that he may decide to create. Likewise, he may promote "Officials of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces in all grades and hierarchies; administer the public treasury, the international reserves, as well as the establishment and regulation of monetary policy." The reforms also provide the president eligibility to run for reelection indefinitely. (Aprueba el Congreso venezolano aumentar las atribuciones de Chávez. visited October 24, 2007).)