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United Nations: Reparations Paid for 1990 Invasion of Kuwait

(Aug. 3, 2010) On July 29, 2010, new reparations totaling US$650 million were paid by the United Nations for losses incurred from the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990. The payments came from the U.N. Compensation Commission (UNCC) and went to nine claimants. The UNCC, which is based in Geneva, settles damage claims from the invasion and divides such claims into six categories – four for individuals, one for corporations, and one for governments and international organizations. Environmental damage comes under the last category. To date, the total paid by the UNCC is over US$30 billion.

The UNCC was established in 1991 and is subsidiary to the U.N. Security Council; it is managed by a Governing Council. Nearly three million claims were sent to the UNCC for losses from the 1991 invasion, of which about 100 are from governments. The funds for the payments were generated by the sale of Iraqi petroleum, through the “oil for food” program, which ended seven years ago. After that time, arrangements were made under Security Council resolutions. (UN Panel Pays Out $650 million in Reparations for Iraq's Invasion of Kuwait, UN NEWS CENTRE (July 29, 2010), According to the UNCC website, last updated July 29, 2008, the Commission is no longer accepting new claims. (UNCC website, (last visited July 29, 2010).)