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Tunisia: Draft Law to Create Special Court for Crimes Related to the Revolution

(July 19, 2012) On July 16, 2012, Members of the Tunisian Constituent National Assembly submitted draft legislation for consideration that would create a special court for the purpose of adjudicating crimes related to the Tunisian revolution of January 2011. The draft directs the transfer of cases involving these crimes from the military courts to the newly established court, and expressly refers to crimes of murder and injury of protestors carried out by officials of the former regime.

Some Assembly Members stated that the military prosecution had failed during the process of interrogating suspects to identify the individuals responsible for injuring and killing the protestors. In response to that failure, the Members decided to propose the draft legislation, in order to transfer all the cases currently being adjudicated before the military courts to a special civil court. (A Bill to Create Special Courts for Cases Related to the Revolution [in Arabic], AL EMARAT AL YOUM (July 16, 2012).)