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Thailand: Court Denies Injunction Against Protest

(Apr. 7, 2010) On April 5, 2010, a court in Thailand denied a request from that nation's government for an injunction against protesters in the capital city of Bangkok. The request concerned protesters in the business district and would have forced the organizers to move the event out of the area after three days. (Dwyer Arce, Thailand Court Denies Injunction Request Against Protesters, PAPER CHASE NEWSBURST, Apr. 5, 2010, available at

The request came from the Internal Security Operations Command, based on its interpretation of the International Security Act of 2007 (ISA). (ISA, Oct. 16, 2007, unofficial translation based on a draft text in Thai, Australian National University website,
(last visited Apr. 5, 2010).) Rallies in 11 other parts of the country would also have been subject to the injunction had it been granted. (Arce, supra.)

In turning down the government request for an injunction, the court stated that the move was unnecessary because the ISA already authorizes officials to evict protesters from the area. (Id.) The current protest began on April 2 and is centered on a demand that the Thai Election Commission expedite corruption charges against the ruling political party, the Democrat Party, which has been accused of accepting donations far in excess of the legal limit. (Id.)