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Tanzania: Workers’ Compensation Act

(Nov. 21, 2008) On November 4, 2008, Tanzania's National Assembly approved amendments to the Workers' Compensation Act. In particular, the revisions are aimed at assisting employees who become disabled or die as a result of employment-related injuries, thereby remedying flaws in article 263 of the Act that had led to some employees being deprived of their basic rights. According to the Minister of Labour, Employment and Youth Development, Juma Kapuya, “[t]he current global economic, social and political changes called for the amendment of the law to comply with international labor laws.” (House Endorses Amendments to Workers Compensation Act, THE GUARDIAN (Dar es Salaam), Nov. 5, 2008, Open Source Center No. AFP20081106558008.)

The Workers' Compensation Act 2008 provides for the establishment, control, and administration of a Workers' Compensation Fund and for the legal framework governing contributions to and disbursements from the Fund. Minister Kapuya stated that the Fund “will work in collaboration with the labour office to enhance performance.” (Id.) In debating the 2008 Act, legislators voiced criticisms about other aspects of the current law. They called for sections to be included on, among other subjects: injuries sustained from poisonous marine species, mandatory routine health checks, training in workplace safety regulations, protections against exploitation by foreign-investor employers, and the use of x-rays for security clearance of employees entering and exiting the workplace. The new law will become effective upon receiving the assent of the President of Tanzania. (Id.)