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Switzerland: Federal Archives

(Jan. 2, 2008) On December 28, 2007, the Federal Ministry of the Interior of Switzerland re-promulgated a list of federal archival material that is not being made available to the public 30 years after its creation but enjoys instead either a 50-year protective period or an indefinite period during which it cannot be made public (Archivierungsverordnung, Änderung, Nov. 30, 2007, Anhang 3, AMTLICHE SAMMLUNG DES BUNDESRECHTS 6589.) This list is published periodically in accordance with the Federal Archiving Act (Bundesgesetz über die Archivierung, June 26, 1998, SYSTEMATISCHE SAMMLUNG DES BUNDESRECHTS [SR] no. 152.1). Archival material must be kept secret for 50 years if its publication would disclose personal data of individuals, be harmful to the Swiss governmental interest or foreign relations, or reveal business secrets of Swiss enterprises (Verordnung zum Archivierungsgesetz, SR no. 152.11, art. 14).