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Switzerland: Arms Control

(Dec. 2, 2007) On November 14, 2007, the Swiss Commerce Department (Eidgenösasisches Volkswirtschaftsdepartment, EVD) announced that it suspended an export permit for 21 Swiss-produced anti-aircraft missile systems for Pakistan. The exports had been approved in December 2006 and six of the systems have already been delivered. The remainder of the exports, valued at approximately 98 million Swiss francs (US$87,290), must be postponed indefinitely in view of the current political situation in Pakistan. (Keine Fliegerabwehrsysteme für Pakistan, NZZ ONLINE, Nov. 14, 2007.) In Switzerland, arms exports require a governmental permit in accordance with the Act on War Weapons (Bundesgesetz vom 13. Dezember 1996 über das Kriegsmaterial (Kriegsmaterialgesetz, KMG), Die Bundesbehörden der Schweizerischen Eidgenossenschaft Web site) and its implementing regulation (Id. at According to article 2 of the War Weapons Act, Swiss arms control purports to live up to Swiss international obligations and foreign policy principles, while allowing for an industrial capacity sufficient to satisfy Swiss defense requirements.