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Sweden: Wiretapping Bill Approved

(July 2, 2008) On June 18, 2008, Sweden's Parliament passed a law authorizing warrantless wiretapping (draft text in Swedish, Mar. 8, 2007, available at The National Defense Radio Establishment has broad authority under the new legislation to monitor international telephone calls and other electronic communications. The bill had been rejected on June 17, but following last minute changes in the language, it passed by a vote of 143-138. The revision provided for independent oversight of the wiretapping program. Opposition party members and other critics are concerned about the impact of the law on privacy, fearing that it would be used to intercept domestic calls. The new law, which comes into effect next January, has also been commented on by the International Federation of Journalists, which argued it could have an impact on the anonymity of sources used by reporters. (Devin Montgomery, Sweden Approves Wiretapping Bill Immediately Following Last-Minute Changes, PAPER CHASE NEWS BURST, June 19, 2008, available at