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Sweden: Single Women Receive Legal Right to Insemination Assistance

(Jan. 29, 2016) On January 13, 2016, the Swedish Parliament adopted a law that will give single women the right to receive assistance with artificial insemination. The law gives single women the same reproductive assistance rights as heterosexual and homosexual couples.  (Assisterad befruktning för ensamstående kvinnor, Socialutskottets betänkande 2015/16:SoU3 [Assisted Pregnancy for Single Women, Parliamentary Committee Report 2015/16:SoU3 (Parliamentary Committee Report), RIKSDAGEN.SE; see also Lag om Genetisk Integritet m.m. [Act on Genetic Integrity, etc.], Svensk Författningssamling[SFS] 2006:351 (May 18, 2006, as amended), NOTISUM.)

Thus, single women will be able to receive insemination with donated sperm, provided that they are medically, psychologically, and socially fit to raise a child and that they overall could provide good homes and a good upbringing for the children. (Id. ch. 6, § 3.)  The single mother becomes the only legal guardian of the resulting child. (Parliamentary Committee report, supra.)

The law on the right to reproductive aid was adopted with broad support from all members of Parliament except for members of the Swedish Democrats (who voted against it) and the Christian Democrats (who abstained). (Betänkande 2015/16:SoU3 Assisterad befruktning för ensamstående kvinnor [Report 2015/16:SoU3 Assisted Pregnancy for Single Women], RIKSDAGEN.SE (Jan. 13, 2016).) It is scheduled to enter into force on April 1, 2016. (Parliamentary Committee Report, supra.)