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Sudan: Woman Tried Under Sudanese Criminal Code for Wearing Pants

(Aug. 20, 2009) It was recently reported in the Saudi Arabian press that a Sudanese woman faces 40 lashes for wearing pants in public. The woman, who works as a journalist with the United Nations Mission in Sudan, is being tried under article 152 of the Sudanese Criminal Code of 1991.

Article 152 provides for the punishment of any individual, especially any female, who wears indecent clothing in public. The term indecent clothing under the Sudanese law includes “female pants.” If the woman is convicted, she will be flogged 40 times in addition to being fined. Ten women who were arrested for committing the same crime have already been subjected to whippings, ten times each. (The Trial of a Sudanese Journalist, Who Is Being Tried for Wearing a Pair of Female Pants, Has Been Postponed, AL EQTISADIA[an online Saudi Arabian newspaper], Aug. 4, 2009, available at