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South Korea: New Rule to Sell Old Munitions

(July 2, 2008) The Ministry of National Defense of South Korea has sold to the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan, at an extremely low price, old munitions that had been used for 30 to 40 years, including the F-5A/B Freedom Fighter. The unit price was typically US$100. With the number of countries requesting to purchase the Korean munitions increasing and the items requested becoming more varied, the Ministry has decided to establish the Rules Concerning Transfer Abroad of Unneeded Munitions. Currently, Korea is planning to sell coastal patrol boats to Cambodia, engines and parts of T-37 airplanes to Pakistan, A-37 light airplanes to Peru, T-41 training airplanes to the Philippines, and radio communication devices to Mongolia. (Yong-won Yu, Kankoku gun: cho onsoku sentoki, 1 man en de “dai bagen” [Korean Military: Supersonic fighter, “Grand Sale” for 10,000 yen], CHOSUNILBO, May 18, 2008, available at