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South Korea: Breast Cancer Survivor Regained Position in the Military

(Nov. 2, 2007) The Seoul Administrative Court rendered a judgment on October 4, 2007, that revoked the Defense Ministry's decision to discharge a female lieutenant colonel in the first reserve, Pi Ujin. Pi is a breast cancer survivor. After a mastectomy, Pi took a physical test and passed it, and kept working as a helicopter pilot for three years. However, in 2005, in accordance with the Enforcement Decree of the Military Service Act, she was ordered to have further examinations. She was deemed to be a disabled person and discharged from the military. After she filed a lawsuit against the government, the government amended the Enforcement Decree, so that certain disabled persons can keep working if they wish and if they pass a new physical. However, Pi's position was not restored by the amendment. (Il hyung Chang, Josei Shôkô, Nyûgan ni yoru kyôsei jotai wa mukô no hanketsu [Female Officer, Judgment Revoked Mandatory Discharge Based on Breast Cancer], CHOSUN ONLINE, Oct. 6, 2007.)