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Somalia: New Law on State of Emergency Adopted

(Aug. 25, 2009) It was reported on August 20, 2009, that Somalia's Transitional Federal Parliament passed into law a state of emergency bill that had been submitted by President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed's administration in June. (Federal Lawmakers Approve State of Emergency Law, GAROWEONLINE, Aug. 20, 2009, available at

The bill sailed through the Parliament with overwhelming support. Sheikh Aden Madobe, the Speaker of the Parliament, noted that 451 members voted in favor of the bill, while 23 members opposed it and only 6 abstained. (Id.) According to Mohamed Qanyare, one of the members of Parliament who spoke in support of the bill on the floor of the legislature, the adoption of the bill “would make it easier [for the government] to recapture regions” currently controlled by the opposition [Al Shabaab and Hizbul Islam]. (Id.)

The text of the new law has yet to be made available.